Old School RuneScape – Best Weapons for Training Strength


When honing your Melee combat skills in the world of Old School RuneScape, Strength stands out as a crucial skill for players to maximize. The ability to increase your maximum hit can significantly enhance the efficiency of training other combat skills, allowing you to dispatch foes with ease.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Deciding on the appropriate weapon for training Strength directly can be a challenging task. While some weapons excel in boosting the Strength skill, others may not provide optimal experience per hour. Here are the top weapons tailored for training Strength in OSRS:

Blade of Saeldor

At the forefront is the Blade of Saeldor, a formidable weapon that caters to effective training of Strength and all melee skills. With a requirement of 80 Attack and a price tag of around 110m GP on the Grand Exchange, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with in the Slash attack style.

Despite its steep cost and degradable nature, the Blade of Saeldor remains a coveted weapon among maxed players for its versatility in various PvM scenarios.

Abyssal Bludgeon

Another potent option is the Abyssal Bludgeon, a two-handed weapon requiring 70 Attack and 70 Strength to wield. It comes at a more affordable price point of 12m GP on the Grand Exchange and boasts a Crush attack style with significant Strength bonuses.

Abyssal Bludgeon Image

While it sacrifices the use of a Defender due to its two-handed nature, the Abyssal Bludgeon proves to be an excellent choice for Strength training and niche combat scenarios where Crush damage is advantageous.

Abyssal Dagger

Following a similar vein is the Abyssal Dagger, requiring 70 Attack and available for approximately 3m GP on the Grand Exchange. With a focus on the Stab combat style, this one-handed weapon offers commendable Strength bonuses ideal for training purposes.

Abyssal Dagger Image

Its affordability and versatility make the Abyssal Dagger a prime choice for players looking to boost their Strength stats while engaging in regular PvM activities.

Staff of the Dead

Shifting gears slightly, the Staff of the Dead introduces a unique approach to Strength training with its melee stats. Priced at around 12m GP on the Grand Exchange, this weapon combines magical and melee elements, offering a distinctive option for Strength-focused combat.

Staff of the Dead Image

While traditionally used for casting spells, the Staff of the Dead’s Slash and Strength bonuses can effectively contribute to Strength training when paired with a Defender for enhanced offensive capabilities.

Saradomin Sword/ Saradomin’s Blessed Sword

For a budget-friendly yet potent choice, the Saradomin Sword emerges as a viable option, costing around 200k GP or obtainable from Commander Zilyana. With a requirement of 70 Attack, this Slash-based weapon comes equipped with solid Strength bonuses.

Saradomin Sword Image

Alternatively, players can upgrade to Saradomin’s Blessed Sword by using a Saradomin’s Tear on the base sword, offering increased Slash and Strength bonuses for a slightly higher cost.

Saradomin's Tear Image

Both variants provide cost-effective solutions for training Strength while focusing on enhancing overall combat efficiency.

Dharok’s Greataxe (Full Dharok’s)

Lastly, the Dharok’s Greataxe shines as an exceptional Strength-training weapon when utilized alongside the complete Dharok’s armour set. This set, requiring 70 Attack and 70 Defence, offers a Slash attack style with impressive Strength bonuses.

Dharok's Armour Image

However, the true power of Dharok’s lies in its set effect, where lower hitpoints translate to higher hitting potential. This strategy proves invaluable for maximizing Strength experience in scenarios like Nightmare Zone.


These formidable weapons present top-tier choices for training Strength in Old School RuneScape. Whether you prioritize cost-efficiency, versatility, or sheer power, selecting the right weapon can significantly impact your combat prowess and leveling speed. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!