Netlix’s The Gentlemen lets Guy Ritchie perfect his signature vibes

Guy Ritchie: Master of Flexibility

Guy Ritchie is a versatile filmmaker who often gets underestimated. While his signature style of kinetic action and British humor is consistent across his films, Ritchie knows how to tailor his approach to suit each project. Last year, he released two movies, The Covenant and Operation Fortune, showcasing his ability to shift between different tones. With his latest series on Netflix, The Gentlemen, Ritchie returns to his U.K. crime roots to deliver the vibes he does best.

Despite sharing the same title as a previous Ritchie film, The Gentlemen is not a direct sequel or remake. Instead, it is spiritually connected through themes of drugs, boxing, and British wealth — elements that have always fascinated Ritchie as an artist.

The Storyline

The series follows Eddie (played by Theo James), a former soldier who inherits his father’s title, only to discover a dark secret. His seemingly law-abiding father had been involved in a drug empire, a revelation that prompts Eddie to embark on a journey to cleanse the family name through questionable means.

Photo: Netflix

Ritchie’s Signature Style

The Gentlemen has echoes of Ritchie’s earlier work like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. The series is filled with gangsters who exhibit a mix of Coen brothers’ criminal humor and Tarantino-esque dialogue.

Where The Gentlemen differs from Ritchie’s early films is in its focused narrative structure. The show hones in on key characters like Eddie, Freddy, and Susie, allowing audiences to delve deeper into their motivations and complexities.

This tighter narrative approach gives viewers a chance to truly connect with the characters, particularly Eddie and Susie, who are depicted with depth and nuance. Their interactions and reactions to the violent world they inhabit reveal layers of their personalities.

While The Gentlemen retains Ritchie’s trademark style, it also showcases the influence of other collaborators involved in the project. The eccentric supporting cast adds a layer of absurdity and humor to the show’s criminal underworld.