Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Repair Barrows Gear

Barrows equipment is highly regarded as top-tier gear in the realm of Old School RuneScape.

Accessible at level 70 combat stats, Barrows gear proves to be formidable against even the most challenging bosses, maintaining its status as a quintessential nostalgic choice.

Barrows equipment stands out as one of the select few items in Old School RuneScape that deteriorate with use. Fortunately, there are convenient methods to restore them to their former glory for resale or continued use!

To repair Barrows equipment in OSRS, players can either visit an armour repair NPC like Bob in Lumbridge or utilize an Armour Stand within a Player-Owned House.

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How to Fix Barrows Gear in OSRS

Over time, Barrows equipment experiences degradation. After approximately 8 hours of combat use (whether under attack while wearing the armour or using the weapons), the gear will degrade to a “0” status, rendering it unwearable or unusable.

While it can be sold to other players in this state, it cannot be utilized until fully repaired.

Furthermore, Barrows gear between flawless (no degradation) and utterly ruined will be untradeable but still repairable at any point.

This can be achieved through two different methods, one of which players can handle independently with the right skill levels.

Repair by an NPC

A variety of NPCs in Old School RuneScape offer repair services for Barrows equipment at a certain cost.

NPCs That Provide Repair Services:

  • Bob (“Bob’s Axes” in Lumbridge)
  • Squire (Void Knights’ Outpost)
  • Tindel Marchant (Fishing Trawler at Port Khazard)
  • Dustan (Burthorpe)
  • Aneirin (Prifddinas)

The cost to have an NPC repair Barrows Gear depends on the degree of degradation.

Typically, the calculation involves multiplying the level of degradation (ranging from 0 to 1,000, with 1,000 indicating complete degradation) by 100gp-60gp (Varies based on the item being repaired).

On average, repairing even a slightly damaged set of Barrows gear can entail a cost of several hundred thousand gp.

Self-Repair Using an Armour Stand

If players possess an Armour Stand in their Player-Owned House (or access one in another player’s POH), they can use their damaged Barrows gear along with a Hammer and gp for self-repairs.

Depending on their Smithing level, this method may prove more cost-effective than NPC services, as higher Smithing levels result in lower base repair costs.

Generally, having 99 Smithing and performing Barrows gear repairs independently can be 50% cheaper than seeking assistance from an NPC.

This summarizes the process of fixing Barrows Gear in Old School RuneScape!

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