Star Fox: Assault soared with its Arwing missions

Star Fox Series: A Look at Star Fox Assault

For many diehard Star Fox fans, the series has been one of Nintendo’s most mismanaged franchises. While Star Fox 64 received widespread acclaim for its fantastic space battles, later entries struggled to find a cohesive direction. Games like Adventures, Command, and Zero failed to capture the essence of what made the series great, leaving some fans feeling alienated.

Among these entries, Star Fox: Assault stands out as a divisive title. While the game attempted to blend ground and Arwing missions to appeal to a wider audience, it fell short in many aspects. The on-foot missions, in particular, lacked substance and often felt tedious and monotonous. The cumbersome control scheme further added to the frustration, making certain missions more of a chore than an enjoyable experience.

Gameplay and Execution

Despite its flaws, Star Fox: Assault showcased some ambitious gameplay mechanics. Players could switch between piloting the Landmaster tank and flying Arwings in all-range mode, adding a layer of complexity to the missions. However, the execution of these mechanics felt unfocused at times, failing to deliver a truly immersive experience.

On-Rails Arwing Missions

Where Star Fox: Assault shines is in its on-rails Arwing missions, reminiscent of the classic gameplay elements from Star Fox 64. These segments offer fast-paced, thrilling gameplay with improved controls and visuals, providing a glimpse of the series’ potential on the GameCube. While these moments are a highlight of the game, they are unfortunately not as frequent as desired.


Star Fox: Assault remains a game that elicits mixed feelings from fans. While it falls short in certain areas, especially with its on-foot missions, the game’s space battles and narrative elements capture the essence of the series. Despite its flaws, Star Fox: Assault serves as a testament to the potential of a fully-realized Arwing-focused game within the franchise.