Should you free or execute Gammel in Unicorn Overlord?

Unicorn Overlord: Deciding the Fate of Gammel

When playing the tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord, players are faced with a crucial decision regarding the character Gammel – should they free him or execute him? This article delves into the consequences of each choice to help you make the best decision for your gameplay.

Freeing Gammel

Opting to free Gammel may not have a significant impact on the overall story, but it does open up the possibility of recruiting him later in the game. By releasing him, players can still receive valuable quest rewards such as a Beckoning Bell, a Recruit’s Shortbow, and a Cornia Militia. Gammel expresses gratitude for his freedom and promises to remember the player’s kindness. As a part of the Thief class, Gammel can be a valuable asset in battles due to his ability to steal PP from enemies and evade attacks.

Executing Gammel

If players choose to execute Gammel for his crimes, they will receive a substantial reward of 10,000 War Funds. In the early stages of Unicorn Overlord, this sum can be quite beneficial. However, it is essential to note that by killing Gammel, players forfeit the opportunity to recruit him into their Liberation Army. The quest rewards remain the same, but the main benefit of this decision lies in the monetary gain.

Ultimately, it is recommended to free Gammel as the War Funds obtained from his execution do not outweigh the loss of a valuable Thief character. Having a skilled Thief like Gammel can significantly enhance your team’s capabilities in battles. As the game presents players with more life-or-death choices, such as whether to spare or execute Mordon, careful consideration of each decision is crucial.