Which faction to choose in Rise of the Ronin? Factions, explained

Rise of the Ronin: All Factions Overview

Are you a fan of historical accuracy in games, or do you prefer to create your version of historical events? If you’re playing Rise of the Ronin, you’ll have to choose which faction to support. Let’s delve into the key factions in the game and the impact of your decisions on historical outcomes.

Choose the Sabaku (Pro-shonugate) Faction

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The Sabaku faction, loyal to the Tokugawa shogunate, is composed of influential individuals holding high ranks in the military and among feudal lords. By supporting this faction, you could potentially prolong the shogunate’s rule, leading to increased conflict during the Boshin War.

Key Sabaku Characters


Choose the Tobaku (Anti-shonugate) Faction

Rise Of The Ronin Tobaku
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The Tobaku faction, known for opposing the shogunate, aims to restore the Emperor’s authority. Joining this faction allows you to experience a faithful rendition of the Boshin War events, as historically led by the Imperial Court.

Key Tobaku Characters


Choose the Obei (Western forces) Faction

Rise Of The Ronin Obei
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The Obei faction, representing Western forces, offers a unique gameplay experience by allowing you to influence both sides of the Boshin conflict. With relationships intertwining between the shogunate and Western powers, your decisions impact the political dynamics of the war.

Key Obei Characters


After exploring these factions, you may have already chosen your path in Rise of the Ronin. Whether you support the Sabaku, Tobaku, or Obei, your decisions will shape the future of Japan in this historical game. Prepare to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of the Boshin War in Rise of the Ronin.