Contra: Operation Galuga “Full-Version Patch Update” Announced For Switch

Contra: Operation Galuga Patch Update Available Now for Nintendo Switch

Image: Konami

A patch update for Contra: Operation Galuga has been released for the Nintendo Switch today in response to feedback from the demo version.

The update, which will include bug fixes, input optimization, and visibility improvements, was scheduled to be released for other platforms on March 12th. However, for the Switch version, the update will be applied “as soon as preparations have completed”. Here’s the announcement from the official Contra social media account:

“PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam – The update will be applied at the time of the game’s release on March 12 (Tuesday).”

“Nintendo Switch – We will apply the update as soon as preparations have completed. We will notify once again when the update is ready. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Contra: Operation Galuga! #ContraOG”

In our review of Contra: Operation Galuga here on Nintendo Life, we thought it was a great entry the series, but unfortunately couldn’t help but feel the Switch version was a bit of a letdown with frame rate setbacks and a few other issues.

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