How to get the Merchant Lander in Lightyear Frontier

Lightyear Frontier: How to Obtain the Merchant Lander

Exploring solo in Lightyear Frontier can be daunting, but fear not! You can now delve into interplanetary capitalism with the Merchant Lander. Here’s how to acquire it.

When venturing through Lightyear Frontier, gathering specific resources may require extensive travel across the new world. Luckily, the Merchant Lander offers a solution. As the name suggests, this platform construction allows Merchants to land their ships, offering you the opportunity to purchase resources that would otherwise be challenging to find in the wild. However, unlocking the ability to construct the Merchant Lander involves restoring Pine Heights. To achieve this, clear all the noxious slime in the area with your Irrigation Hose.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve completed the restoration of Pine Heights, you can construct the Merchant Lander on suitable ground. Before leaving Pine Heights, ensure you locate Red Crystals. You will need three of these, along with five pieces of Stone and four Aluminum Rods. The Red Crystals are found in the northwestern part of Pine Heights, so gather them while feeding some Stalktails.

Lightyear Frontier Red Crystals Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Lightyear Frontier Red Crystals
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you have gathered all the required resources for the Merchant Lander, it’s time to build it and be patient. The Merchant operates on a specific schedule and will not immediately address your buying and selling needs. You will need to wait approximately one day for the Merchant to arrive. The Merchant will stay for about a day before departing, starting the cycle anew with different items for sale.

Lightyear Frontier Merchant
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon the Merchant’s arrival, always check the available resources for purchase. You can benefit greatly by acquiring resources and other valuable items to sell for cash. Visit the Economics tab to monitor how the value of your items fluctuates daily.