How to get Increased Efficiency in Lightyear Frontier

Lightyear Frontier: What is Increased Efficiency?

When you sport a giant Mech suit for all your exploring and crafting needs in Lightyear Frontier, you will also rely on the power of automation with your constructs. But why not give them a boost? Increased Efficiency in Lightyear Frontier is the key.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Lightyear Frontier: How to get Increased Efficiency

To achieve double the resources in Lightyear Frontier, all you need to do is protect your constructs. These structures, like the Oil Presser and Assembler, are sensitive to the elements, so shielding them with a Workshop Shed is essential. Construct your Workshop Shed using 10 pieces of Wood, and then place your constructs under its cover to activate the Increased Efficiency effect.

Lightyear Frontier Workshop Shed
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Starting off with a Workshop Shed is a great way to enhance efficiency, but as your operation grows, consider building Barns. These larger structures can accommodate multiple constructs and provide the same Increased Efficiency benefit. To construct a Barn, you will need 10 pieces of Wood and two Aluminum Rods, so be on the lookout for Aluminum Deposits.