Former Doom Eternal Devs Working on New Sci-Fi Shooter

The new studio includes developers from top industry players

Emptyvessel, a new game development studio founded by former Id Software employees Emanuel Palalic and Garrett Young, has made its debut. The team boasts of experienced developers from renowned AAA studios, such as Id, Activision, Gearbox, and BioWare.

Describing themselves as “a team of industry veterans who specialize in the immersive shooter space,” Emptyvessel is set to make a mark in the gaming industry.

Both Palalic and Young bring valuable experience to the table, having worked on successful titles like Doom (2016), Doom Eternal, and Quake Champions. Young’s leadership roles at Microsoft, Activision, and Disney further enrich the studio’s talent pool.

Joining them are individuals who have previously worked at esteemed studios like Naughty Dog, Gearbox, and BioWare. The concept behind the studio’s name, Emptyvessel, signifies a container waiting to be filled with creative ideas from its developers and future fans.

“Our industry stands at a pivotal moment where business and talent intersect,” remarks Young, the company’s COO and general manager. “At Emptyvessel, we prioritize our developers’ input and approach every project with their creativity at the forefront. Innovation in gaming has always stemmed from developers taking risks, and we believe the next big breakthrough could emerge from anywhere.”

Palalic shares the studio’s vision of enabling a smaller team of dedicated developers to produce AAA-quality games. He expresses, “Many of us in the game development realm began with a passion to bring our imaginations to life. By harnessing our strengths and focusing on collaboration, we are confident in our ability to deliver top-notch games with a lean, dedicated team. Our goal at Emptyvessel is to shine a light on the hardworking individuals behind the scenes and turn their aspirations into reality.”

While specific details about Emptyvessel’s upcoming game remain scarce, glimpses from the studio teaser and website hint at a dystopian sci-fi atmosphere akin to popular titles like Blade Runner, Robocop, and Cyberpunk 2077.