How to get World of Warcraft (WoW) Hearthstone event rewards

To celebrate Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary, players can jump into World of Warcraft between March 11 – 18 to earn some wonderful Hearthstone-themed loot. From the adorable Sarge pet to the long-awaited Compass Rose mount, this guide is your one-stop shop for all rewards available in WoW’s Hearthstone celebration.

How to earn Hearthstone 10th Anniversary rewards in World of Warcraft

During Hearthstone’s 10 Anniversary celebration in World of Warcraft, you can earn themed rewards by participating in the hourly Whizbang portal event in Orgrimmar (Horde), Stormwind (Alliance), and Valdrakken. While most 10th Anniversary rewards are earned through luck, you can also get your hands on a Hearthstone Game Table toy by completing an easy Achievement and an exclusive mount just for opening Hearthstone.

Whizbang boss portal location, rotation, and loot

Every hour during Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary event, Whizbang spawns a handful of bosses from Hearthstone’s history in Valdrakken, Stormwind Harbour, and outside Orgrimmar near Bladefist Bay. Defeat these iconic enemies for the chance to earn the following rewards:

  • Stolen Hearthstone Card
  • Compass Rose — Mount
  • Sarge — Pet
  • Collector’s Caryall — 36 Slot Bag
  • Stone of the Hearth — Hearthstone Toy
  • The Tavern’s Tabard — Cosmetic Tabard
  • Reno’s Lucky Hat — Cosmetic Head
  • Taverner’s Belt — Cosmetic Waist
  • Hearthstone Wild Card — Consumable

Whizbang’s portal appears at the top of every hour with the ominous message “Something is coming…” Five minutes later, Whizbang will summon familiar enemies, completing the event with an explosive finale from Dr. Boom. Loot Boom’s body for a chance at any of the loot listed above. When the event first went live, Whizbang would spawn on a rotation between each city, but this was promptly changed to the portal appearing in all three locations simultaneously.

Why didn’t I get loot from Whizbang?

The Hearthstone Wild Card is a (fairly useless) consumable with a ten-item limit. If the only loot you win is a Hearthstone Wild Card but you already have ten, the game will “skip” your loot rather than display an error message. Having the maximum number of Wild Cards in your bag doesn’t stop you from earning any other loot in the pool. If you couldn’t loot the boss, you’re unlucky, and I’m right there. There’s no flying disc or adorable card-playing rat in sight for my orc.

Hearthstone Beginner Achievement and Hearthstone Game Table toy

When logging in to WoW for the first time during the event on a Level 60+ character, you’ll find a Hearthstone Invitation Letter in your mailbox. This letter begins a short quest that leads you to the event area in Valdrakken. Here, you can pick up the “Play Hearthstone” quest to kickstart your deck with a Hearthstone Starter Pack containing eight cards. You can collect more cards by looting Stolen Hearthstone Cards from Whizbang portal enemies. Once you have ten unique cards, you will unlock the Hearthstone Beginner achievement and Hearthstone Game Table toy. Collecting all twenty-one cards will earn you the Hearthstone Card Collection Achievement, but there’s no reward tied to it — unless you count twenty Achievement Points. The cards themselves can be used to simulate a fundamental but charming version of Hearthstone in-game.

Fiery Hearthsteed mount

Logging into Hearthstone during the 10th Anniversary celebration will reward you with the Fiery Hearthsteed mount in World of Warcraft. If you’ve never played Hearthstone, you must complete the tutorial first. Those familiar with the Tavern will earn the Firey Hearthsteed mount and Hearthstoned: Fiery Edition Feat of Strength as soon as you open the game. You don’t have to play a single match, but you’re missing out on fun festivities if you don’t!

All Hearthstone 10th Anniversary rewards in WoW

To summarize, here’s a quick table of every Hearthstone 10th Anniversary reward in WoW and how to earn them:

ItemDescriptionHow to obtain
Stolen Hearthstone CardUse to receive a Hearthstone cardWhizbang drop
Compass RoseFlying disc mount inspired by a Hearthstone boardWhizbang drop
Fiery HearthsteedBlack and orange recolor of the Hearthsteed mountLog in to Hearthstone
SargeBattle Pet of the iconic rat of the same nameWhizbang drop
Collector’s Carryall36 Slot BagWhizbang drop
Stone of the HearthToy that casts your Hearthstone and plays an animation of a Hearthstone board and flying cardsWhizbang drop
Hearthstone Game TableToy that sets down a Hearthstone tableWhizbang drop or sold by Shady Dealer
The Tavern’s TabardTabard with Hearthstone themingWhizbang drop
Reno’s Lucky HatTransmoggable head item based on Reno Jackson’s hatWhizbang drop
Taverner’s BeltTransmoggable belt with the Hearthstone motifWhizbang drop
Hearthstone Wild CardConsumable item that spawns a minion model when used near Hearthstone game tablesWhizbang drop

Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary event in WoW ends on March 18, and it’s unknown if these items will ever return. So, everyone, get in there!