You can change the rate of fire on the MG43 and Stalwart in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2: Maximizing Weapon Efficiency

When diving into the world of Helldivers 2, players may not initially realize the full potential of their weapons. One hidden feature that can greatly impact gameplay is the ability to adjust the fire rate of certain weapons such as the MG43 and Stalwart. This simple adjustment can completely change the way weapons are utilized, making some firearms much more user-friendly.

Unlocking Weapon Potential

While the tutorial may focus on improving accuracy through stance and movement, there is a shortcut that players can take to enhance their weapon handling. By using the MG434 or Stalwart, players can adjust the fire rate by simply holding R on PC or Square on the PS5. For example, the MG43 typically fires at around 760 rounds per minute, but by lowering the rate, players can achieve a more manageable 630 rounds per minute. This small tweak can have a significant impact on gameplay.

Slowing down the fire rate of these weapons offers advantages and disadvantages. While it may require players to maintain some distance from enemies, it also allows for more precise shooting and reduced recoil. This adjustment can be particularly beneficial when facing tougher foes like Devastors.

The Importance of Accuracy

Lowering the fire rate of weapons can significantly improve accuracy and make each shot count. This can be especially helpful during missions like the Terminid Control System, where landing precise shots is crucial for success. By conserving ammo and maximizing each bullet’s impact, players can increase their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Experimenting with the fire rate of weapons in Helldivers 2 can lead to a deeper understanding of each firearm’s capabilities. By adjusting the rate to suit individual playstyles and preferences, players can optimize their performance and achieve greater success in missions.