Best builds in Backpack Battles tier list

Unlimited Variation in Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles offers an extensive range of builds as you progress and acquire more items along the way. With four classes, 20 subclasses, and a plethora of items to choose from, selecting the best combinations is essential to secure victories.

S Tier – Ranger

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The Ranger class, despite its simplicity, boasts some of the most powerful and overpowered builds in the game. Crafting the strongest build for the Ranger can make you nearly unbeatable in battles.

The Grovekeeper Hammer Build

The combination of 40 random buffs from the Mega Clover with a Hammer and multiple Daggers creates a formidable build. Your opponent will struggle to inflict damage on you while you overwhelm them with a barrage of weapons.

The Beastmaster Shortbow Build

Utilize the forest creatures summoned by the Big Bowl of Treats to launch rapid attacks on your opponent for free. Pair this with Spikes to inflict damage and Pestilence to debilitate your opponent, creating a potent build enhanced by Shortbows.

The Grovekeeper Djinn Build

Although more challenging to execute, this build is incredibly effective. The Mega Clover’s 40 buffs empower your Djinn Lamps to boost your weapon’s attack power while continuously receiving buffs. Focus on strong armor and a powerful weapon for maximum impact.

A Tier – Pyromancer

Pyromancer Backpack Battles
Image: Ben’s Backpack

The Pyromancer excels at unleashing powerful builds with relative ease by harnessing the Flames. With the right combinations, you can defeat almost any opponent.

The Ashbringer Spear Build

Focus on maximizing the power of your reincarnation through the Dark Lantern. Equip dark armor pieces on the right side of the lantern and a potent weapon like the Molten Spear on the left. The Flames will enhance your Molten Spear to devastate your opponent before and after your demise.

The Firebender Fire Staff Build

Require a high Mana output for this build to be effective, as Friendly Fire generates Flames at a rapid rate. Enhance your Mana reserves with Mana Orbs and increase their Star slots to deal a significant 100 Damage to your opponent. A Staff of Fire complements this build to amplify your damage output.

The Crusader Lightsaber Build

Combine the Burning Banner with Holy weapons and armor to blind your opponent while protecting yourself from debuffs. This build not only enhances your defensive capabilities but also weakens your opponent’s ability to benefit from buffs.

B Tier – Berserker

Berserker Backpack Battles
Image: Hairenstein

The Berserker offers fantastic but limited builds that are straightforward to assemble, earning it a spot in the B Tier. To excel with the Berserker, focusing on specific builds is crucial.

The Blacksmith Double Axe Build

The Double Axe paired with the Anvil is a formidable combination, making it one of the best weapons in Backpack Battles. Surrounding your Anvil with hot coals boosts the Double Axe’s effectiveness in piercing armor and defeating opponents. Don’t forget to craft armor for your protection.

The Fighter Hammer Build

Utilize Brass Knuckles to enhance surrounding weapons and attacks without consuming stamina. Combine a Hammer with multiple Daggers to create a rapid-firing weapon arsenal, with only one attack requiring stamina. Have Heroic Potions and Bananas handy for support.

The Pack Leader Double Axe Build

Recruit and armor wolves to capitalize on their collaborative strength when positioned together. The Courage Puppies provide free attacks, while other Puppies offer buffs and increased Block. Pair these advantages with the Double Axe for a dominating presence on the battlefield.

C Tier – Reaper

Reaper Backpack Battles
Image: Idle Club

Although lacking meta builds, the Reaper remains a viable class in Backpack Battles. The following builds showcase the Reaper’s utility and power, despite not reaching the same heights as other classes.

The Venomancer Double Death Scythe Build

Focused on inflicting Pestilence on your opponent, this build aims to overwhelm them with the plague. By using two Death Scythes alongside Pestilence Flasks and Poison Daggers, you can quickly drain your opponent’s health.

The Hexblade Pestilence Build

Harness the Hexblade’s Cursed Dagger to leverage debuffs on your opponent and boost the accuracy and lethality of your weapons. Combining the Cursed Dagger with a Poison Dagger and Death Scythe, along with an abundance of Pestilence Flasks, empowers your arsenal for maximum effectiveness.

The Witch Death Scythe Build

Exploit the Reaper’s debuff capabilities by utilizing Strong Demonic Flasks. Incorporate Mr. Struggles, a Death Scythe, Poison Daggers, and Pestilence Flasks to accumulate debuffs, particularly Pestilence. As your opponent’s health dwindles, trigger the Demonic Flasks to seal their fate.

Experiment with these build ideas in Backpack Battles to discover strategies that suit your playstyle. Acquiring combination items swiftly is key to enhancing your chances of success.

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