The Last of Us 2 Remastered Gets New Update

The Latest Update for The Last Of Us Part 2 is Here

Naughty Dog released update 1.1.2 for The Last Of Us Part 2 last Friday. While this update may not be as substantial as the previous ones, it does address several known issues that players have been facing.

Patch 1.1.2 Details

The latest update includes gameplay fixes that address a bug preventing players from performing a melee attack during the final combat encounter in The Last Of Us Part 2. It also tackles issues within the roguelike No Return mode, such as Clickers getting stuck on certain maps and Trade Posts only offering three items for sale.

In addition to gameplay fixes, the update also addresses location, UI, TTS errors, and various minor issues. One notable fix is for players who experienced problems with their Trophies not transferring from the PS4 version of the game.

Full Patch Notes


  • Fixed issue where player could become unable to melee during the game’s final combat encounter
  • [No Return] Fixed an issue where the Trading Post would sometimes only offer 3 options for purchase
  • [No Return] Fixed an issue where Clickers could become stuck on the environment in certain maps


  • Fixed an issue with PS4 save data imports where some trophies that were previously earned would not unlock after import
  • Fixed an animation issue that could occur when player was attacked while entering a workbench
  • Fixed an issue where Abby’s bonus skins would cause weapons to appear incorrectly during certain in-game cutscenes
  • Multiple minor UI fixes throughout game
  • Multiple minor audio fixes throughout game


  • Various minor localization fixes throughout the game


  • [No Return] Fixed an issue that prevented Text-to-Speech option from correctly reading out Leaderboard placement

Earlier this year, Naughty Dog released The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered. Despite initial skepticism from fans about the need for a remaster so soon after the original release, features like No Return have proven that the remaster offers more than just visual enhancements.