All Moments in MLB The Show 24 Team Affinity and how to beat them

MLB The Show 24: Mastering Team Affinity Moments

Looking to conquer the challenges in MLB The Show 24’s Team Affinity mode? One of the quickest ways to enhance your roster in Diamond Dynasty is by taking on the various challenges offered in Team Affinity. These challenges include Repeatable Missions, Multiplayer Missions, Single Player Missions, and Conquest mode. However, if you’re aiming to tackle a challenge that stands out from the rest, then the Moments are where you should focus your efforts.

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These Moments encapsulate iconic events from baseball history, replicated as plays or sequences of plays in MLB The Show 24. By completing each Moment, you earn Team Affinity points which can be used to obtain rewards such as player cards specific to their division.

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Unlike previous games, all Moments in MLB The Show 24’s Team Affinity mode are focused solely on hitting, eliminating the challenges associated with pitching. If hitting is not your strong suit, prepare for some intense practice sessions as you attempt to master each Moment. Below is a comprehensive list of all the Team Affinity Moments for Season 1, Chapter 1 in MLB The Show 24.

AL East S1: Chapter 1

Mlb The Show 24 Al East
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Cedric Joins the 30/30 ClubIn 2021, Cedric Mullins achieved a rare feat by hitting 30 home runs and stealing 30 bases. As Mullins, obtain one extra-base hit in a single game.Tally 1 Extra Base Hit (XBH)3000 TA

How to Master MLB The Show 24 Team Affinity Moments

Completing the challenges for each Moment grants you 3000 TA points, which can significantly improve your roster. However, these Moments are set on the Veteran difficulty level, posing a challenge for new players. To conquer the Team Affinity Moments in MLB The Show 24, follow these tips:

  • Customize your PCI settings.
  • Set your Hitting Interface to Zone and practice.
  • Select the correct Swing for the situation.
  • Change your camera to Strike Zone 2.
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Since all Team Affinity Moments revolve around hitting, honing your hitting timing and accuracy is crucial. Practice is vital, and by adjusting the settings mentioned above, you can make the most of MLB The Show 24’s gameplay mechanics.

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