Former Battlefield Director Has Nothing Nice to Say About EA

Battlefield Director Departs, Expresses Discontent with EA

Former Battlefield director Marcus Lehto recently announced his resignation and shared his dissatisfaction with Electronic Arts (EA). Lehto, known for co-creating the Halo franchise, was in charge of shaping the narrative for the upcoming Battlefield game. However, after his departure, EA closed down his studio, Ridgeline.

EA Claims Lehto’s Departure Was Personal

EA released a statement suggesting that Lehto’s resignation was a “personal decision.” Lehto confirmed this on Twitter, stating that leaving EA was a difficult choice that he made on his own. He expressed shock at the closure of Ridgeline and the dismissal of his entire team, revealing that he was caught off guard by EA’s decision to shut down the developer.

It appears that Lehto and EA had differing perspectives on the future direction, leading to his departure amidst cost-cutting measures.

“To ensure our work continues uninterrupted, we immediately appointed leadership at Criterion to oversee our single-player work,” EA stated regarding the next Battlefield game in February.

Following the underwhelming launch of Battlefield 2042, EA announced that the upcoming Battlefield game will focus on offering a single-player narrative experience.