Review – Outcast: A New Beginning (Xbox One)

Outcast: A New Beginning – A Unique Gaming Experience

Outcast: A New Beginning brings players into a thrilling 3rd person action-adventure world, published by THQ Nordic and developed by Appeal Studio. This highly anticipated sequel to the 1999 Outcast game follows the journey of Cutter Slade as he returns to save the Talan people from the oppressive human invaders. Set in a parallel universe on the enchanting world of Adelpha, Cutter embarks on a quest to restore peace and fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One.

Upon awakening in a temple, Cutter is greeted by Lehaz, a guardian Talan who believes Cutter to be the Ulukai, the savior foretold in prophecy. Together, they set out to confront the human invaders, who have been mercilessly exploiting the resources of Adelpha. As Cutter navigates this new world, he must learn to communicate in Agazork, the native language of the Talan people, to forge alliances and uncover the truth behind his past.

The Journey Begins

Embark on missions by selecting village icons on the map screen, each offering a unique set of challenges and objectives to overcome. While the main story leads you through different regions of Ganzaar, you have the freedom to explore and engage with various villages at your own pace. Travel options expand as you unlock Daoka portals for fast travel or upgrade Cutter’s gear, including a jetpack for enhanced mobility.

Enhanced Combat and Weaponry

Engage in dynamic combat encounters with the ability to customize and upgrade ranged weapons like pistols and rifles with various mods. Utilize a combination of shields, jetpack maneuvers, and melee attacks to outmaneuver enemies and overcome challenging foes. Crafting potions and inventory upgrades from collected materials adds strategic depth to your gameplay experience.

Immersive Exploration and Storytelling

Delve into Cutter’s past through poignant memories and visions that gradually unfold as you progress through the game. Uncover the mysteries of Adelpha and witness the vibrant world come to life with stunning visuals and diverse landscapes. Participate in cleansing gork eruptions, exploring essence shrines, and mastering orym trails for unique rewards and upgrades.

While the initial story pacing may take time to fully engage players, the rich lore and intricate combat mechanics offer a rewarding experience for those willing to delve deeper into Cutter’s quest. Explore the breathtaking world of Adelpha and discover the true essence of heroism in Outcast: A New Beginning.