Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – Byzantium Strategy Guide


The Byzantine Empire, the final remnant of the Roman Empire, continues to fascinate the grand strategy community in games like Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis. In Hearts of Iron 4, players have the opportunity to resurrect this ancient empire as Greece, almost 500 years after the fall of Constantinople.

Paradox Interactive has incorporated the Byzantine focus tree into Greece’s gameplay, allowing players to embark on the journey of reviving the glory of the Roman Empire.

General Strategy for Byzantium in HOI4

To form Byzantium in Hearts of Iron 4, players must strategically defeat Turkey as Greece. This task is challenging, especially in the region of Alexandroupolis and Anatolia, but with careful preparation, it can be achieved.

This guide will outline the steps to form the Byzantine Empire in Hearts of Iron 4 and conquer Europe as the true heir of Rome.

National Focuses

Here are the essential national focuses that players need to select to revive the Byzantine Empire:

  • Devaluating the Drachma
  • Utilize Our Strengths
  • Open Foreign Subsidized Factories
  • Exporting More Luxury Commodities
  • Bring Home the Exiled Republicans
  • Compromise with the Monarchists
  • Remembering the Anatolian Catastrophe
  • Venerate the Ancient Hellenes
  • Athenian Thinkers
  • The Anatolian Refugees
  • Resurrecting the Megali Idea
  • Theban Warriors
  • Expand Our Tobacco Industry
  • Horror and Fear
  • Reviving the Double-Headed Eagle
  • Phoideratoi
  • Mobilize the Economy
  • Nenikikamen
  • The Die is Cast!
  • Byzantine Themata

For a quicker path, prioritize the Devaluating the Drachma and Reviving the Double-Headed Eagle focuses before engaging with Turkey for the Byzantine revival.


Begin by constructing a Naval Base in Alexandroupolis and focus on building Military Factories across the country to prepare for the upcoming conflict with Turkey.


With limited Military Factories initially, concentrate on producing Infantry Equipment and Towed Artillery to equip your military forces adequately.


Optimize your divisions by removing unnecessary elements and incorporating Line Artillery battalions to enhance your troops’ combat effectiveness. Aim to have a full army of 24 divisions before engaging Turkey in war.

Faction Management

Manage the political landscape by monitoring opposition parties’ opinions to unlock potential advisors and gain stability and manpower advantages. Focus on Byzantium’s path to minimize opposition interference.

How to Defeat Turkey and Form Byzantium

Start of the Game

Establish Venizelos as the ruler of Greece, prioritize diplomatic relations with major powers, research essential technologies, and strengthen your political position to prepare for the upcoming conflict with Turkey.

Preparing for War

Align with the EEE faction, navigate diplomatic events strategically, and befriend the Communists to consolidate your position before engaging Turkey.

How to Defeat Turkey

Employ a tactical approach by holding key border positions, utilizing naval tactics, and strategically weakening Turkey’s forces to secure victory. Adapt your strategy based on the evolving battlefield dynamics.

How to Form Byzantium

Annex Turkey’s territories, activate the Revive Byzantium decision, and expand your empire by reclaiming Byzantine core territories. Strategize alliances and conflicts with neighboring states to solidify Byzantium’s position.

With these strategies, you can successfully navigate Byzantium’s journey in Hearts of Iron 4. Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!