How to improve your Road to the Show player’s rating in MLB The Show 24

Improving Your Road to the Show Player’s Rating in MLB The Show 24

Starting off as an average player in MLB The Show 24’s Road to the Show mode and then reaching stardom is a fulfilling journey. But how can you improve your player’s rating along the way? Here are some tips to help you stand out and become a legend in the world of baseball.

Equip Stat-Boosting Equipment

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Utilize Equipment that enhances your stats based on your playstyle and fielding position. These Equipment items, acquired through Trading Cards as you progress in the game, provide stat bonuses tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a Power Hitter or a skilled pitcher, adapting your gear can significantly improve your performance on the field.

Select Perks to Boost Your Playstyle

Mlb The Show 24 Perks
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Similar to Equipment, Perks are specialized enhancements that cater to your specific playstyle. Unlocked through Perk Packs, these perks can improve your baseball skills but may also have occasional downsides in the form of stat debuffs. Focus on selecting perks that align with your pitching or hitting style to maximize your potential on the field.

Complete Road to the Show Missions

Mlb The Show 24 Rtts Missions
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Engage in various tasks and challenges within the game to earn RTTS points, which can reward you with perks, equipment, and other unlockables. These missions not only enhance your gameplay experience but also provide valuable rewards to aid your progression.

Train Your Non-Priority Attributes

Mlb The Show 24 Training 2
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In addition to focusing on key attributes for pitching or hitting, consider developing non-priority attributes to boost your overall rating. Strengthening complementary stats can make your player more versatile and well-rounded, opening up new opportunities for success in the game.

Perfect Your Hitting and Pitching Skills

Mlb The Show Hitting
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Consistent practice and improvement of your hitting and pitching skills are key to increasing your player’s rating. Utilize game tools like Hitting Timing and PCI to refine your techniques and earn valuable experience bonuses. With dedication and practice, you can elevate your player to All-Star status and compete with baseball legends.