Review – Alone In The Dark (Xbox Series X)

Alone In The Dark: A Revamp of Lovecraftian Horror

Alone In The Dark, resurrected from the bayou by THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive, transports players to 1930’s Louisiana in a reimagining of the 1992 classic. The story follows Emily Hartwood (played by Jodie Comer) as she expresses concern for her uncle, Jeremy, currently confined at Derceto, a former plantation turned psychiatric facility deep in the swamplands. To aid in her quest, she enlists the help of former detective turned private eye, Edward Carnby (portrayed by David Harbour).

I’ll admit, Jodie being in the game was a big draw for me.

For avid gamers, Alone In The Dark may evoke different sentiments based on their history with the franchise. To some, it’s a nostalgic survival horror mystery that proved challenging to decipher on older PCs. With THQ Nordic now at the helm after acquiring the franchise from Atari SA, there’s hope for a revival of this genre-defining series.

Old School Mode and Unique Gameplay

Alone In The Dark offers players a range of extra features, including character skins and visual filters to enhance the gaming experience. Notably, the Old School Mode presents a challenging twist by disabling hints and tips, requiring players to rely on their wits to progress. Embracing this mode adds a new layer of complexity, engaging gamers in a more immersive and thought-provoking gameplay.

Alone in the Dark - Gamehype
Old School is full of class.

A Dark Encounter with Glitches

Despite its immersive gameplay, Alone In The Dark is not without its flaws. Pre-release copies showcased bugs like audio syncing issues during combat, undermining the intensity of confrontations. However, THQ Nordic is committed to addressing these concerns through timely patches, emphasizing their dedication to improving the player experience.

Alone in the Dark - Gamehype
Body horror…ick.

Unveiling Lovecraftian Nightmares

As players delve into the eerie depths of Derceto, they encounter a blend of horror and mystery that keeps them enthralled. Alternate between playing as Emily or Edward, each offering unique storylines and multiple endings. Trauma-induced sequences infuse Lovecraftian elements, heightening the psychological horror of the game.

Alone in the Dark - Gamehype
Not alone in the dark after all.

Immersive Storytelling and Enigmatic Villains

Alone In The Dark captivates players with a dynamic narrative that blurs the lines between reality and nightmare. The enigmatic Dark Man reigns as the primary antagonist, challenging players to unravel the mysteries of Derceto and save Uncle Jeremy. As the plot unfolds, the horror intensifies, leaving players in suspense with each revelation.

Alone in the Dark - Gamehype
Say the line game!

Atmospheric Exploration and Intriguing Characters

Alone In The Dark excels in creating a haunting atmosphere that keeps players engaged throughout their journey. From abandoned asylums to mist-shrouded streets, the game seamlessly blends different settings to heighten the sense of cosmic horror. By delving into the characters’ traumas and the secrets of Derceto’s residents, players uncover the intricate web of fear and intrigue woven into the game.

Alone in the Dark - Gamehype
Told you, trauma.