Should You Execute Or Spare Mordon In Unicorn Overlord?

Decision Time: Spare or Execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord presents players with the choice of sparing or executing various characters they encounter throughout the game. One such character is Mordon, and the decision regarding his fate can have lasting consequences on your playthrough. To help you understand the outcomes of sparing or executing Mordon in Unicorn Overlord, this guide breaks down the alternatives.

During the Battle of Barbatimo, players will come face to face with Mordon and ultimately must decide whether to show mercy or deliver the final blow. As the narrative of Unicorn Overlord is intricately woven, every decision impacts the unfolding storylines, urging players to weigh their choices carefully.

Consequences of Executing Mordon in Unicorn Overlord

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If you opt to end Mordon’s life in Unicorn Overlord, your reward will be a meager 30 Honors, and he will no longer be available for recruitment in subsequent stages of the game. Considering the ease of collecting Honors in Auxiliary Stages, this reward may not hold much value in the long run.

Consequences of Sparing Mordon in Unicorn Overlord

Choosing to spare Mordon opens up the opportunity to enlist him as an ally. His expertise in repairing broken bridges proves invaluable as it grants access to new areas within the game. With a few essential materials, players can unlock additional locations for exploration.

Final Verdict: Spare Mordon in Unicorn Overlord

Based on the consequences outlined above, it is clear that sparing Mordon is the more beneficial choice. His role as a Warrior type character, coupled with the ability to repair bridges, makes him a valuable asset to the Liberation Army. Make the decision wisely to ensure a smoother journey through the world of Unicorn Overlord.

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