Fastest ways to get Plunder (reputation) in World of Warcraft Plunderstorm

How to Acquire Plunder in World of Warcraft: Plunderstorm

Looking to unlock a treasure trove of rewards in classic and modern WoW? Plunderstorm offers a variety of ways to earn Plunder and increase your Renown with Keg Leg’s Crew.

Obtaining Plunder in Plunderstorm

Players can earn Plunder in World of Warcraft: Plunderstorm by defeating enemies, looting chests, and completing quests. Remember to pick up the glowing loot piles as Plunder is converted to Renown (reputation) with Keg Leg’s Crew at the end of a match.

For Dragonflight players, Renown works similarly in Plunderstorm as it does in retail World of Warcraft, with your Renown Level increasing as you earn Plunder, unlocking new rewards in WoW Classic, Dragonflight, and Plunderstorm at each tier.

Top Strategies to Earn Plunder and Boost Keg Leg’s Crew Renown

Complete the Captain’s Orders

Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the beginning of every Plunderstorm match, focus on completing one of the six Captain’s Orders Quests. These quests are straightforward and reward 250 Plunder, making them a priority at the start of each game.

While continuously completing the Captain’s Orders Quest, dying, and repeating may be the fastest way to earn Plunder, it is advised to engage in more adventurous gameplay for a more enjoyable experience.

Complete the Daily Quest

In addition to the Captain’s Orders, ensure to complete the Daily Quest worth 800 Plunder every day to work towards earning notable rewards such as mounts and transmogs before the event concludes.

Defeat NPCs

Apart from quests, Plunder can be earned by defeating NPCs. Equip AoE skills and defeat PvE enemies, aiming for efficiency in Plunder acquisition. Landing on the outskirts of the map is a strategic move for maximizing NPC encounters.

Play Duos

Plunderstorm Duos
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Enhance your Plunder earning potential by opting for Duos mode, allowing for quicker Plunder collection with a teammate’s assistance. Playing in Duos enables faster enemy eliminations and increased Plunder accumulation.

Avoid PvP

While engaging in PvP battles can be tempting, it is recommended to minimize encounters with other players to focus on Plunder collection. Winning PvP battles may be exhilarating, but it can impede overall Plunder progression. Anticipated enhancements to the PvP aspect of Plunderstorm may offer increased Plunder rewards in the future.

Summary of Keg Leg’s Crew Renown Farming

To efficiently earn Plunder in Plunderstorm, prioritize completing quests, minimizing PvP engagement, and defeating NPCs consistently. As there are currently no rewards based on placements, consider starting a new match when the storm covers approximately 50% of the map to optimize Plunder farming.

Patience is key in the journey to becoming a successful pirate in Valdrakken with a collection of rewards. Embrace the Plunder grind and venture forth with determination. Best of luck on your pirating endeavors!