Stardew Valley 1.6 Beginner’s Guide: First Week Walkthrough

If you’re looking to embark on a new journey in Stardew Valley 1.6, you’ll find that the beginning of the game remains relatively unchanged. Despite the numerous additions in the latest update, the initial week’s content stays consistent with the game’s original release. Luckily, this beginner’s guide is applicable regardless of the version you choose to play.

Stardew Valley First Week Walkthrough

Our walkthrough for your first week in Stardew Valley will introduce you to various gameplay elements that new players often overlook. While the game isn’t particularly difficult in the traditional sense, it doesn’t explicitly spell things out for you. Therefore, this guide will provide insight into various activities you can engage in during your playthrough.

However, please note that this guide isn’t focused on optimizing any specific aspect of your gameplay. If your goal is to maximize your earnings or crop yield by the end of the first week, other resources may be more beneficial.

Stardew Valley Day 1 Guide

  1. Plant your first crop.
  2. Craft a chest.
  3. Head into town.
  4. Buy more seeds.
  5. Explore the area.
  6. Return home and plant your remaining seeds.

Plant your first crop.

As you kick off your first day, grab the seeds from your house and start planting them. Create space for a small field, sow your parsnip seeds, and remember to water them with the watering can.

Craft a chest

Organizing your items can be challenging in Stardew Valley. Gather 50 pieces of wood to craft a chest and avoid running out of space in your inventory.

Head into town.

Take the east path from your farm and make your way to Pelican Town.

Buy more seeds.

Visit Pierre’s General Store and purchase more Parsnip Seeds. Investing time in planting additional crops on your first day will lead to a larger initial harvest.

Explore the area.

Spend time exploring Pelican Town and its surroundings. Interact with the NPCs you encounter and start familiarizing yourself with the map.

Return home and plant your remaining seeds.

Before it gets too late, head back to your farm and plant any remaining seeds you have. Don’t forget to water them!

Stardew Valley Day 2 Guide

Stardew Valley Day Two Map
  1. Do morning chores.
  2. Meet Willy at the Beach.
  3. Do some fishing (optional).
  4. Buy more seeds (optional).
  5. Meet more villagers.

Do morning chores.

Start your day by watering your crops and checking the mail. You’ll receive a letter from Willy today.

Meet Willy at the Beach.

Head to the beach on Day 2 and meet Willy on the pier. He’ll provide you with the Bamboo Pole.

Do some fishing (optional).

If you’re interested, try your hand at fishing. You can sell the fish for a profit or use them to replenish your energy.

Buy more seeds (optional)

If you wish to plant a second batch of Parsnips, consider doing so on Day 2.

Meet more villagers

Make an effort to meet the villagers you haven’t encountered yet on the first day.

Stardew Valley Day 3 Guide

Stardew Valley Day Three Map
  1. Clear more farmland (optional)
  2. Finish meeting NPCs.
  3. Go fishing.
  4. Do some foraging and explore.

Clear more farmland (optional)

Day 3 is rainy, giving you a break from your usual chores. Use this time to clear more land and gather wood.

Finish meeting NPCs.

Complete the Introductions quest by meeting all 28 NPCs. This achievement unlocks the next quest for you to tackle.

Go fishing.

Fish for some items to boost your energy on Day 5.

Do some foraging and explore.

Venture into the forest to forage for items and continue exploring the game’s map.

Stardew Valley Day 4 Guide

Stardew Valley Day Four Map
  1. Do morning chores.
  2. Clear land.
  3. Continue to forage and fish.

Do morning chores.

Remember to water your crops.

Clear land.

On Day 4, focus on clearing your land further. With not much happening on this day, it’s a great opportunity to make significant progress while you have the time.

Continue to forage and fish.

Collect items for energy and potential profit by fishing and foraging.

Stardew Valley Day 5 Guide

Stardew Valley Day Five Map
  1. Adopt a pet!
  2. Do morning chores.
  3. Harvest crops.
  4. Visit the Community Center.
  5. Sell crops in town.
  6. Buy more seeds.
  7. Visit the Mines.
  8. Collect one Copper Ore.
  9. Visit the Traveling Cart.
  10. Plant new crops.

Adopt a pet!

Upon leaving your house, you’ll have the opportunity to adopt a cat or dog. What a wonderful addition to your farm!

Do morning chores.

Ensure your crops are watered and your pet is taken care of.

Harvest crops.

Your Parsnips should be ready for harvest on Day 5. Collect them promptly.

Enter town from the Bus Stop between 8 am and 1 pm to trigger a cutscene introducing you to the Community Center. If you follow the Community Center path, get prepared to spend a considerable amount of time in this location.

Sell crops in town.

Head to Pierre’s General Store and sell your Parsnips for a decent profit.

Buy more seeds.

Invest your earnings in seeds for your next crop. Stick with Parsnips or consider trying something new like Potatoes.

Visit the Mines.

The Mines’ entrance is now accessible on Day 5. Explore the northeast part of the map to locate the entrance. Inside, you can search for various resources but beware of the monsters lurking within.

Collect one Copper Ore.

Gather a single Copper Ore to trigger an event on Day 6.

Visit the Traveling Cart

On Fridays and Sundays, the Traveling Cart appears in the forest south of the farm. Check out the unique items it offers for sale, as well as any rare finds it may have in stock.

Plant new crops.

End your day by planting any available seeds. Remember to water them to ensure proper growth!

Stardew Valley Day 6 Guide

Stardew Valley Day Six Map