Best Blade Sharpening Origins in Rise of the Ronin

Creating a custom character in Rise of the Ronin

In Rise of the Ronin, the first major step in your journey involves creating a custom character. Once you have meticulously designed two characters, it’s time to choose a Blade Sharpening Origin for them.

Understanding Blade Sharpening Origins in Rise of the Ronin

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Blade Sharpening Origins in Rise of the Ronin function as starting classes. These origins determine your starting stats, recommended weapons, and initial skills. Players have a choice of six Blade Sharpening Origins to select from.

Choosing the Best Blade Sharpening Origin

While each class in Rise of the Ronin has a slightly different starting stat spread, the impact is minimal. The recommended weapons listed are not exclusive to each class, and you won’t receive significant buffs for using them. The crucial factor to consider is the starting skill, as it can provide an advantage early in the game.

Rise Of The Ronin Speechcraft
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Among the Blade Sharpening Origins, Seducer stands out as the best choice overall. The Speechcraft “Liar” skill it unlocks offers unique dialogue options, giving players an edge. For those less interested in dialogue options, Breaker is a solid alternative with the Rapid Assassinations skill, enhancing stealth gameplay.


The Killer class boosts Strength, starting at 78. Recommended weapons include katanas, greatswords, and odachis. Players begin with the ability to repel arrows and bullets using Counterspark parry.


Breakers focus on Dexterity, starting at 77. Paired swords and bayonets are their recommended weapons for an aggressive playstyle. Their starting ability, Rapid Assassinations, allows them to take down two enemies simultaneously.


Seducer is the Charisma class, starting with a Charisma of 78. They excel in polearms and oxtail blades. The Speechcraft “Liar” skill unlocks unique dialogue options for players.


Sappers prioritize Intelligence, starting at 79. Spears and sabers are their recommended weapons, known for precision and technicality. Their starting skill, Refill (Medicinal Pills), increases the restocked amount of Medicinal Pills at a Veiled Edge Banner.


For those who prefer more control, the Beginner class is a blank slate. All stats start at 75 with no modifications, no recommended weapons, and no starting skills. This class appeals to players seeking autonomy in character development.


Similar to Beginner, Unsharpened begins with all stats at 70, offering a clean slate for min-maxers. It is ideal for players with a specific build in mind. However, it is not recommended for inexperienced players, akin to the Deprived class in Dark Souls or the Wretch in Elden Ring.

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