Into The Light Info Released and Sandbox Overhaul

Destiny 2 Introduces Exciting Into The Light Activity

In the month of March, Destiny 2 has unveiled a new activity called Into The Light, which aims to bridge the gap between new and veteran players. Bungie recently released a devstream detailing the new activity, with more streams to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Into The Light New Activity

Into The Light features an Onslaught Mode, reminiscent of Firefight from Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach. Guardians must defend an objective called the ADU against waves of enemies, with opportunities to repair and purchase defensive structures during the mission. Every 10 waves, players face a boss for additional rewards.

Lord Shaxx will serve as the vendor for Onslaught mode, offering rewards based on difficulty levels, with up to 50 waves available. Initial community feedback on the activity has been mixed, with some players seeing potential for fun while others express concerns about the game’s overall sentiment.

Reprising Old Relics

Players have noticed the return of old weapons like Midnight Coup, hinting at the potential reprise of other vaulted content in Destiny 2. Speculation suggests that iconic weapons like the Recluse submachine gun may make a comeback along with old Crucible weapons.

PvP Sandbox Overhaul and Trials Changes

Bungie has made significant adjustments to the PvP sandbox, focusing on gunplay and aiming skill by increasing health values and tweaking weapon damage. Special ammo respawns have been altered, encouraging players to rely more on primary weapons. In Trials of Osiris, new Passages like Persistence and Ferocity offer players different paths to earn Adept weapons and achieve Flawless victories more effectively.