Overwatch 2 director says making all heroes free is ‘what’s best for players’ and the game

Blizzard Entertainment Confident in Overwatch 2 Success Without Heroes in Battle Pass

Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that Overwatch 2 will not include heroes in the battle pass, emphasizing the belief that the game can still be successful without this feature. Game director Aaron Keller explained the rationale behind this decision in a roundtable interview with GamesRadar+.

Keller acknowledged that the team recognized putting gameplay features behind a paywall could create an unfair advantage for some players, leading to issues with game balance. He stated, “When you’re developing the way a game is going to fund itself, it can get really complex fast.” The decision to make every hero free for all players was ultimately deemed the best option for both players and the game itself.

In a developer update, Blizzard revealed that starting in season 10, all new heroes introduced in Overwatch 2 will be immediately available for free, including the upcoming character Venture. Keller expressed confidence in this approach, stating, “We’re confident that [by] taking them out, we’ll be able to continue to be successful.”

Season 10 of Overwatch 2 will also bring exciting additions such as a new limited-time mode called Clash and a new map. While an official release date for season 10 has not been announced yet, players can look forward to these new features in the future.