Upcoming ‘Missile Dancer 2’ Is A Significant Departure From The First Game

Developer Terarin Games Announces Missile Dancer 2 for Switch

Exciting news for fans of the original shmup Missile Dancer – Developer Terarin Games is set to release the sequel, Missile Dancer 2, on the Switch eShop. However, those familiar with the first game may be surprised by some changes in the upcoming installment.

Scheduled for release on 28th March, 2024, Missile Dancer 2 shifts away from the top-down retro aesthetic of its predecessor in favor of a sprite scaler approach. While this may be a departure from the original, the new visual style is impressive and showcases a willingness by the developers to explore new avenues.

According to the game’s official eShop page, Missile Dancer 2 will feature 16 stages in its arcade mode, offering players three difficulty options to choose from. Additionally, the caravan mode will challenge players to rack up as many points as possible within a three-minute timeframe on a single stage.

Key features of Missile Dancer 2 include:

  • New sprite scaler shmup
  • Exhilarating lock-on system
  • Arcade mode and Caravan mode
  • Support for online ranking
  • Chiptune soundtrack using FM sound

Interested players can pre-order Missile Dancer 2 now for £11.96 / $13.49 (early bird price available until 4th April, 2024).