How to get all endings in Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark: Achieving All Endings

You may believe that the outcome of Alone in the Dark is set in stone, but what if I told you that the story can actually vary based on the items you have gathered? Let’s delve into the world of The Dark Man and uncover the secrets behind attaining all endings in Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the Dark offers a total of four different endings, each unique to either Detective Carnby or Emily Hartwood. Certain endings require specific collectibles, known as Lagniappes, to be obtained for the storyline to unfold. This guide will delve into crucial plot points towards the end of the game. Consider this your final SPOILER WARNING before we venture into the details.

The initial three chapters of Alone in the Dark progress similarly, with minor variations in dialogues and cutscenes. It’s in Chapter 4 where the narrative branches out as you confront the traumas of Carnby and Emily. We’ll outline the Lagniappe sets required for certain endings to materialize, while others may necessitate completing the game. Let’s commence with the ending that most players will encounter on their first playthrough.

Save New Orleans from the Black Goat

How To Get All Endings In Alone In The Dark Save Carnby
How To Get All Endings In Alone In The Dark Save Emily

To save New Orleans from the Black Goat and complete the game conventionally, you simply need to play through the game until you reach Chapter 5. Then, opt to wait for your partner at the fountain in the center of the room. This decision triggers a cutscene leading to the final boss encounter. Defeat the boss to witness the ending cutscene, earning your first Alone in the Dark ending. While there are separate achievements for this ending as Carnby and Emily, both endings play out identically.

Give Grace a Present

How To Get All Endings In Alone In The Dark Grace

To achieve the second ending in Alone in the Dark, you must present Grace with a gift. By this stage of the narrative, it becomes apparent that Grace is no ordinary child. This particular ending challenges the very essence of reality for our protagonists. While I attained this ending as Emily, it remains uncertain if the same ending is accessible as Carnby due to a game-related issue that eliminated all my collectibles.

Attaining this ending necessitates completing the “All the World’s A Stage” Lagniappe set. Should you encounter difficulties locating specific Lagniappes, consider adjusting your Player Guidance settings. Once you accomplish this task, an objective titled “Grace without Horns” instructs you to bestow a child with an item for playtime.

Progress through the game until Chapter 5. Following the cutscene, you’ll find yourself in the Conservatory as usual. Approach Grace, who now has a new interactive option next to her. Selecting it allows you to gift Grace, leading to an ending reminiscent of the humorous conclusions in Silent Hill, complete with nods to the original games.

Submit to the Dark Man (Emily Only)

How To Get All Endings In Alone In The Dark Emily Ending

The initial unique ending entails Emily succumbing to the Dark Man. To unlock this ending, you must finish the exclusive “Dying with Dignity” Lagniappe set for Emily. Upon obtaining the final piece in Chapter 4, you receive the objective “The Hartwood Curse,” tasking you with washing the paint off the portrait you have carried throughout the game.

Unfortunately, not everyone possesses paint thinner. You’ll need to venture to Dr. Gray’s apartment on the second floor to acquire the necessary item. Within the small side room, now housing a bottle of paint thinner, remove the current painting on the canvas by interacting with it, unveiling a new image.

The new painting portrays a woman executing a peculiar hand gesture that Emily attempts to replicate. Post-animation, your new objective is to “Submit to the Dark Man.” Further details regarding this ending are currently scarce, but stay updated here for any forthcoming insights.

Join a Cult (Detective Carnby Only)

How To Get All Endings In Alone In The Dark Carnby Ending

The closing exclusive ending involves Detective Carnby aligning with the cult he endeavored to thwart. Commencing this ending necessitates completing the “A Goat Without Horns” Lagniappe set for Carnby. After acquiring all collectibles from the set, a new objective, “The Tree Whispers,” prompts you to leave an offering at the Whispering tree.

To fulfill this task, retrace your steps to the substantial tree in the Conservatory during Chapter 4. Approach the back of the tree, make the offering, and heed the subsequent objective instructing you not to disregard the impending call from a particular entity. Regrettably, similar to Emily’s distinctive ending, this ending may currently be glitched or inaccessible. Updates will be provided upon rectification or workaround emergence regarding this concern and the disappearing collectibles glitch.