Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – Czechoslovakia Strategy Guide

For many gamers, Czechoslovakia may not seem like the most enticing option in Hearts of Iron 4. Often seen as an easy target for Germany, Czechoslovakia is underestimated by many players who overlook its strong defensive position.

Despite the early conquest by Germany, Czechoslovakia can actually be a formidable force in the game, capable of thwarting the German advance and even protecting Poland from danger (at least until the Soviets arrive).

After successfully holding off the Germans from taking the Sudetenland, players will quickly realize the strength of Czechoslovakia in HOI4 and how it can prevent the rise of Fascism in Europe.

In this comprehensive guide, we will detail the specific focuses to choose, division design strategies, and key decisions to make to emerge victorious in a war against Germany as Czechoslovakia in Hearts of Iron 4, establishing your nation as a dominant power in the game.

Table of Contents

General Strategy for Czechoslovakia in HOI4

Your primary objective as Czechoslovakia is defense. The key is to maintain control over the Sudetenland and watch as Germany struggles against your resilience.

Once you have built two 24-division armies after enduring a year of losses, you can consider pushing back against Germany and even aiming for Berlin if the Allies have not initiated a proper D-Day.

Avoid joining the Allies at all costs, as your conflict with Germany is likely to also keep Poland safe, leading to a three-way world war between the Axis, Allies, and Comintern.

Steer clear of engaging the Soviets and be prepared for the threat posed by Hungary, especially if they decide to open a southern front, further weakening your defenses along the German border.

By 1940, you may find yourself surrounded by adversaries, but with patience and strategic decision-making, Czechoslovakia can emerge victorious in a war of attrition.

How to Start as Czechoslovakia in HOI4

Begin by upgrading your divisions to prioritize Defense and Soft Attack capabilities.

Utilize the focus tree for fort construction, focusing on enhancing defenses in Slovakia to ensure at least level 5 forts are in place.

In terms of economic development, opt for the United Population focus branch, requiring the construction of Civilian Factories before transitioning to Military factories.

Maintain a Democracy political stance to benefit from a Division Defense bonus in core states.

While interactive paths exist in the focus tree, they often lead to serving another major power and can be less engaging for players.

National Focuses

  • Industrial Legacy
  • Balanced Industry Investment
  • Joint Czech-Slovakian Planning Commission
  • Local Specialization
  • United Population
  • Arms Export
  • Export Subsidies
  • Fortification Studies
  • Sudetenland Early Fortifications
  • Sudetenland Advanced Fortifications
  • Sudetenland Final Fortifications
  • Political Direction
  • Democratic Bastion
  • Beacon of Liberty

Key focuses include United Population, Sudetenland Fortifications, and Beacon of Liberty. Each focus serves a specific purpose in enhancing Czechoslovakia’s strengths and capabilities.


Initiate construction by building Civilian Factories in strategic locations before maximizing Military Factory output across various states.

Target the enhancement of Anti-Air capabilities and Infrastructure to boost Steel production in key regions.


Ramp up Military Factory production to at least 16 factories before Germany launches its attack.

Adjust production to focus on Infantry Equipment, Support units, Artillery, and Anti-Air resources, prioritizing defensive capabilities against the German air force.

Concentrate on Concentrated Industry for additional bonuses to support Czechoslovakia’s defensive efforts.


Transition divisions to prioritize Infantry units with specific additions to bolster Soft Attack, Air Attack, and Hardness against enemy forces.

Prepare for engagements primarily with Germany, with the possibility of Hungarian involvement by 1940, necessitating proactive defense measures.

How to Defeat Germany


Position divisions along the German border to deter potential advances, ensuring fortified positions and adequate troop numbers.

Fortify key border regions, particularly the Sudetenland, to withstand German incursions and maintain a strong defensive stance.

Winning the War

Engage German forces strategically, leveraging fortified positions and well-equipped troops to repel advances effectively.

Utilize defensive tactics to outlast German offensives, with the option to counterattack when opportunities arise.

Hungary Joins the Axis

Prepare for Hungarian involvement in the conflict, adjusting defensive strategies and troop positioning accordingly.

Anticipate additional pressure from surrounding enemies, focusing on defense and strategic maneuvers to outmaneuver Axis forces.

Consider alliances with other factions to bolster defenses and launch coordinated offensives against mutual adversaries.

These strategies offer a comprehensive approach to achieving victory as Czechoslovakia in Hearts of Iron 4. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!