Harold Halibut Hands On: A Heartfelt, Handmade Tale About Fish, Friendship and Finding Home

Exploring the Depths with Harold Halibut

Upon first glance, it’s evident that Harold Halibut is a meticulous labor of love. This narrative adventure game is set under the sea, immersing players in the world of its main character, Harold, a lab assistant aboard an underwater spaceship.

Playing as Harold, you navigate around the spacious spaceship, cleverly divided into various districts connected by a water tube system that propels humans through pipes to their destinations. Throughout your journey, you meet a colorful cast of characters, each swept up in their own activities but eager to involve Harold in their quirky adventures – from searching for a missing pet bird to helping a shopkeeper win back his wife’s affection. The characters in Harold Halibut are brilliantly written, infused with British humor.

The premise of Harold Halibut is equally captivating. Without revealing too much, Harold descends from a group of explorers who set out to find a new inhabitable planet. However, their ship becomes stranded underwater, leading generations of humans to survive and flourish there. Throughout the game, Harold uncovers tales of humanity’s past, Earth’s fate, and the people surrounding him, while proving his capability for great things.

What sets Harold Halibut apart is its distinctive feature of being physically crafted from clay – every in-game asset is handcrafted and digitally scanned, creating a nostalgic yet modern feel reminiscent of 90s point-and-click adventure games like The Neverhood.

Harold Halibut also boasts a stunning retro-futuristic aesthetic, accompanied by exceptional audio design that enhances every interaction and environmental noise. The fusion of sound and handmade visuals creates a uniquely immersive experience, making even the quietest room feel engaging.

In Harold Halibut, exploration is key. While you may revisit environments and characters to reveal their stories, the game incorporates delightful puzzles and mini-games that add depth to the experience. Paying attention to the game’s details, humor, and clever set design is not only enjoyable but also highly rewarding.

Although my time with Harold was brief, I’m already captivated by the unfolding narrative and the promise of encountering more fascinating creatures on his journey to rediscover Earth. Harold Halibut is shaping up to be an exceptional game that I eagerly anticipate playing more of.

Harold Halibut is scheduled to launch on Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass on April 16.