How to change the time of day in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Changing the time of day

Mastering Dragon’s Dogma 2 involves understanding the game’s day-night cycle. Waiting around for the sun to set is not always practical, so it’s important to know how to control the time of day.

Our guide will show you how to change the time of day in two ways — either dozing off for a few hours or sleeping for longer — and where you can do each.

How long is a day in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Image: Capcom

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a day-night cycle of about 48 minutes, as per our testing. Different quests, enemies, and resources are influenced by time of day, with timed quests being particularly impacted.

Moreover, items in your inventory can change over time, such as an apple ripening and eventually turning rotten.

How to change time of day at an inn or camp

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player approaching an inn
Image: Capcom via Polygon

When out in the wild, look out for campsites where you can use a camping kit to rest. In settlements, seek out an inn marked by a blue fireplace sign, where you can pay to sleep.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player approaching a campsite
Image: Capcom via Polygon

You can choose to rest till morning or rest till nightfall, which fast-forwards time to the next day or night. Sleeping at an inn allows you to create a save point for later use.

How to change time of day at a bench

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player approaching a bench
Image: Capcom via Polygon

In urban areas, look for benches with red fabric on the seat to interact with. Sitting on these benches allows you to doze off to pass time. Dozing off takes you about halfway from day to night, and you may need to repeat the action to transition fully.

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