Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – What Are the Best Boots?

Boots Boost Combat Skills in Old School RuneScape

Whether you refer to them as “Fancy Footwear,” “Toe-ful Coverings,” or “Sweet Kicks,” boots in Old School RuneScape play a crucial role in enhancing a player’s combat abilities. These boots offer both offensive and defensive bonuses, making them essential gear for players looking to excel in battle.

With a wide variety of boots available in Old School RuneScape, players can choose from options that cater to different combat styles and even fashion preferences. Some boots come with unique effects and bonuses that make them indispensable in specific scenarios.

Because of the significant advantages provided by certain boots, the price tag can reach tens of millions of GP. However, with so many options to choose from, it’s essential to know which boots are considered the best in the game.

Best Boots in OSRS

Previously, we’ve explored the best weapons and armor in Old School RuneScape. Boots, however, offer a different approach as they can be swapped out and used in various situations. From PvM-specific boots to skilling-focused options, we’ll cover the best boots for every combat style so you can make an informed choice based on your gameplay preferences.

Primordial Boots

In melee combat scenarios, Primordial Boots reign supreme as the Best-In-Slot option for melee strength. These boots require 75 Strength and 75 Defence to equip, boasting offensive melee bonuses and a substantial +22 to defensive stats. With a +5 Strength bonus, they are a top choice for high-level PvM combat encounters where maximizing DPS is crucial.

Guardian Boots

Guardian Boots excel in providing the highest melee defensive bonuses among all boots in Old School RuneScape. These boots offer impressive defensive stats across various combat styles, making them ideal for situations where tanking is essential. With a +24 Defensive Range bonus and +2 Prayer bonus, Guardian Boots are a solid choice for tank roles in boss fights.

Pegasian Boots

For ranged combat, Pegasian Boots stand out as the Best-In-Slot option for ranged damage. These boots provide the highest offensive ranged bonuses in the game and require 75 Ranged and 75 Defence to wear. With a price tag similar to Primordial Boots, Pegasian Boots offer excellent offensive capabilities for players specializing in ranged combat.

Eternal Boots

As part of the “Cerberus Boots Trio,” Eternal Boots are the Best-In-Slot choice for magic users. These boots offer significant magic bonuses and require 75 Magic and 75 Defence to equip. While more affordable than Primordial Boots, Eternal Boots shine in maximizing magic damage output for players focusing on magic combat.

Devout Boots

Devout Boots are the go-to option for players looking to maximize their Prayer bonus in combat situations. While they lack offensive or defensive bonuses, these boots provide the highest Prayer bonus in the game. Ideal for AFK combat scenarios or prayer-intensive activities, Devout Boots offer a unique advantage for prayer-focused players.

Blessed D’Hide Boots

Representing various gods of Old School RuneScape, Blessed D’Hide Boots provide a balanced set of bonuses at a fraction of the cost of other top-tier boots. With solid offensive and defensive bonuses along with a prayer bonus, these boots offer flexibility at a more affordable price point. Additionally, they are beneficial in the God Wars Dungeon for protection against specific factions.

Spiked Manacles

For cost-effective melee DPS, Spiked Manacles offer a budget-friendly option with a strong strength bonus. These boots, obtained from Medium Treasure Trail Caskets, provide a significant boost to offense without any level requirements. Ideal for low-level accounts focusing on maximizing offensive stats, Spiked Manacles are a practical choice for starting combat training.

Fremennik Sea Boots 4

Part of the Achievement Diary set, the Fremennik Sea Boots 4 provide unique utility benefits once unlocked. With defensive bonuses and a strength bonus, these boots shine in their capabilities, offering unlimited teleports to Rellekka and other features useful for players exploring the Fremennik region. Ideal for boss fights and efficient travel, these boots are a valuable addition to any adventurer’s gear.

Graceful Boots

As part of the Graceful set, Graceful Boots enhance a player’s run restoration rate and reduce weight, aiding in efficient skilling activities. By combining them with the full Graceful outfit, players can optimize their running capabilities while conserving energy. While lacking combat bonuses, Graceful Boots are invaluable for players engaging in skilling tasks that involve extensive movement.

Fancy Boots/ Fighting Boots/ Fancier Boots

As iconic boots in Old School RuneScape, Fancy, Fighting, and Fancier Boots represent a rite of passage for new players. These boots, obtained from the Stronghold of Security, offer minimal defensive bonuses but hold significant sentimental value within the game. By combining Fancy and Fighting Boots into Fancier Boots, players can customize their look while enjoying a piece of Old School RuneScape history.

Discovering the best boots in Old School RuneScape is essential for preparing for challenging combat scenarios and maximizing gameplay efficiency. From melee strength to ranged precision and magical prowess, each pair of boots offers unique advantages tailored to different playstyles. Whether you’re aiming for optimal offense, defense, or utility, choosing the right boots can make a significant difference in your Old School RuneScape journey.

Those are the best boots in Old School RuneScape! Have any thoughts to share or suggestions for this article? Feel free to leave a comment below.