PlayStation App Allowing Users to View Unlocked In-Game Content

New Update Enhances Collectible Hunts in PlayStation App

The PlayStation App often goes unnoticed by many gamers, but Sony is constantly working to improve the user experience. In the latest app update, a new “Lore” section has been added, allowing players to beta test the feature of viewing in-game content they have unlocked during gameplay.

New PlayStation App update should make collectible hunts more convenient

Recently, Reddit user noggs891 pointed out that the update was live as of this morning, showcasing a Lore section for The Last of Us Part II. While only a few players have confirmed seeing this section for this specific game, it is possible that Sony will reserve this feature for first-party games.

If you’re curious about this new feature, take a look at the screenshots of the Lore section shared by noggs891:

Although not a critical addition, the Lore section is a welcome update to the PlayStation App. This new feature should simplify the hunt for collectibles, making it easier for players to track what they still need to unlock and review items they have already obtained without having to navigate through various in-game menus.

It remains to be seen if Sony will expand the availability of the Lore section, but many gamers are hopeful for its wider release in the near future!