Sand Land Review – IGN

Exploring Akira Toriyama’s Sand Land

Though not as widely recognized as Dragon Ball or Dr. Slump, Sand Land holds a special place in Akira Toriyama’s portfolio as his final serialized manga. The recent debut of the Sand Land anime on Disney+ and Hulu showcases Toriyama’s last creative efforts, with the seventh episode featuring an original story penned by the legendary mangaka himself. This series is a must-watch, thanks to its exceptional adaptation, stunning 3D animation, expansive world-building, and engaging themes that set the stage for an exciting post-apocalyptic journey.

The Plot of Sand Land

Sand Land follows Rao, a rugged sheriff in a world devastated by conflict and environmental disasters where water is scarce and precious. Faced with the oppressive rule of a tyrant king who controls the water supply, Rao embarks on a quest to find a rumored spring, hoping to ease tensions between humans and demons in his village.

Character Dynamics

While the demon Prince Beelzebub may seem like the central figure, Sand Land is ultimately Rao’s story. Alongside Beelzebub and the elderly demon Thief, Rao confronts his past and decides to fight for the greater good rather than follow orders given by others.

Themes and Depth

Beneath its lighthearted and humorous exterior, Sand Land delves into complex themes of war trauma, genocide, corporate greed, and environmentalism. The series expertly weaves these topics into the narrative without sacrificing its entertainment value, appealing to fans of all ages.

The Impact of 3D Animation

Despite its reliance on 3D animation, Sand Land successfully leverages this format to deliver visually stunning fight sequences and intricate vehicle designs. The attention to detail in the animation pays homage to Toriyama’s iconic mech designs and adds a new layer of depth to the story.

Looking Ahead

For viewers who have seen the Sand Land movie, the anime adaptation offers additional scenes and an original storyline starting from the seventh episode. With new character designs, creatures, vehicles, and an expanded world, the series sets the stage for what could be considered Toriyama’s final masterpiece.