Review – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Xbox Series X)


Gun Interactive is known for reviving beloved horror franchises into video game format, with their latest project being inspired by the iconic horror classic: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In this 4v3 asymmetric horror experience, players can step into the shoes of the infamous ‘Slaughter’ family and face off against six victims in a chilling multiplayer setting. The game stays true to the spirit of the original movie while offering a fresh take on the popular multiplayer horror genre.


Originally released in 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shocked audiences with its intense portrayal of violence and terror. Loosely inspired by real-life events, the film has become a cult classic, spawning multiple sequels and reboots. Gun Interactive’s adaptation captures the essence of the original movie, creating a tense and atmospheric gameplay experience that pays homage to the source material.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre offers a unique gameplay experience with its 4v3 format, challenging players to work together as a family of killers or survivors trying to escape. Each character, including fan-favorite Leatherface, has their own abilities and playstyle, adding depth to the strategic gameplay. The game’s tension-filled atmosphere and intense chase sequences capture the essence of the horror genre.

Game Hype - Texas Chainsaw


The game perfectly captures the chilling atmosphere of the original movie, immersing players in the terrifying world of the Slaughter family. Creepy environments, tense moments, and a haunting score contribute to the overall sense of dread and suspense. Whether you’re playing as a victim trying to escape or as a killer stalking your prey, the game delivers a truly immersive horror experience.

Final Thoughts

Despite some performance issues and matchmaking challenges, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains a faithful adaptation of the classic horror film. With its attention to detail, strategic gameplay, and intense atmosphere, the game offers a thrilling experience for fans of the genre. Whether you’re a survivor fighting for survival or a killer hunting your prey, the game delivers on the promise of horror and suspense.

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