Sony’s new Brazilian production line will provide physical PS5 discs for Latin American players

Sony Boosts Production of PlayStation 5 Discs in Brazil

Sony has recently opened a new production line in Brazil specifically for the manufacturing of PlayStation 5 discs. This move is aimed at improving accessibility to physical media for players in Latin America, where obtaining such discs may have been more challenging in the past.

Partnering with electronics firm Solutions 2 Go, the production line, located at Sony’s Manaus facilities, has previously produced physical media for older PlayStation consoles. However, it is now focusing on manufacturing discs for the PS5, including popular titles like Gran Turismo 7, Demon’s Souls, and Final Fantasy 16.

Enhanced Gaming Experience for Latin American Players

Miguel Cunha, senior director of PlayStation Latin America, expressed enthusiasm for the new production line, stating, “We are excited to share the news that, from now on, PlayStation 5 physical discs of our exclusive and third-party games will be produced in Brazil.”

Despite the digital shift in the gaming industry, with services like PS Plus and the availability of disc-less PS5 Slim, Sony’s commitment to producing physical media demonstrates an acknowledgment of the preferences of players who still value physical copies of games.