‘The Caged Magistrate’ quest walkthrough in Dragon’s Dogma 2

“The Caged Magistrate” Quest Overview

“The Caged Magistrate” is a quest given by Captain Brant in the early stages of Dragon’s Dogma 2. The quest revolves around freeing Magistrate Waldahr, who is imprisoned in Vernworth jail for defying Disa and refusing to alter the Code of Vermund to her liking.

Brant tasks you with setting Magistrate Waldahr free, providing you with a gaol key to access his cell. However, convincing Waldahr to escape won’t be a simple task.

In this guide, we will go through the entire “Caged Magistrate” quest, focusing on where to locate Magistrate Waldahr and how to release him.

Finding the Magistrate in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Begin by entering the palace grounds and heading to the objective marked on your map leading you to Vernworth Castle Gaol Tower. Inside, find Magistrate Waldahr in the first cell on the right-hand side. Unlock the cell using the Gaol Key from Captain Brant, then speak to Waldahr and persuade him to escape.

Waldahr expresses contentment in his cell, absorbed in studying ancient texts. However, if you can find “a place with a mountain of tomes,” he may reconsider. Return to Captain Brant after speaking to Waldahr.

Finding ‘a place with a mountain of tomes’ in ‘The Caged Magistrate’

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Consult Kendrick near The Gracious Hand to learn about a missing boy named Malcolm. This initiates the “The Heel of History” quest, involving locating Malcolm by speaking to children in the slums. Head to the vaults underneath the slums to find Malcolm with Kendrick before informing Waldahr about the discovery.

Escort Waldahr out of his cell to the slums, then return to Captain Brant for your reward of 7,000 gold and a ferrystone. Remember to revisit Waldahr in the vaults later for another quest: “A Magisterial Amenity.”

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