Blizzard releases Plunderstorm, a battle royale with pirates

What World of Warcraft Plunderstorm is All About

Blizzard has been teasing a pirate-themed addition to World of Warcraft for some time now, but no one was expecting a battle royale mode. Enter Plunderstorm, a 60-player pirate-themed battle royale mode.

This mode is a first for WoW and is not using existing characters or standard servers. Players will have to choose between the game’s normal servers and the Plunderstorm event upon logging into the client. Patch 10.2.6 has now been released, making the battle royale mode available for all to enjoy.

How to Play Plunderstorm

Plunderstorm is a limited-time event where players must be the last pirate standing while plundering the Arathi Highlands for upgrades, abilities, and loot. The matches start with players plundering booty and battling monsters, with the goal of building up before engaging in PvP as the match progresses. There are solo and duo modes available in separate matches.

Getting Started in the Battle Royale WoW

When entering a Plunderstorm match, players will find themselves on a parrot heading to a pirate encampment in the Arathi Highlands. Upon landing, players will receive quests to gather spells, kill monsters, and then join other players. Abilities can be picked up from spawn items on the ground and can be upgraded by finding higher quality versions or stacking abilities to Rank 3. Plunder, which can be collected by defeating monsters and players, is used to progress through Renown levels and earn rewards.

WoW Plunderstorm Rewards

Plunderstorm offers a variety of rewards, including exclusive items for match winners like an eyepatch and tabard. Pets, cosmetics, titles, and more can also be earned by progressing through the reward track. Players can view their Renown progress, summon pets, change titles, and apply customizations in the Plunderstorm lobby.

Will WoW Plunderstorm Be Available in the Future?

Plunderstorm will only be active for six weeks, but there is potential for it to return in the future based on player feedback. Blizzard is open to revisiting the experimental game mode down the line, depending on how players respond to it.