Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Review – IGN

The Ghostbusters Legacy

What defines a Ghostbusters movie? Is it the big personalities in jumpsuits, the proton packs, the distinctive ghouls, and the jokes? These elements were enough to make the original 1984 film a classic, setting the standard for every Ghostbusters movie that followed. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire may have some similarities to its predecessors, drawing fans in with the return of iconic characters like Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson. However, the sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife fails to capture the essence of the franchise, weighed down by a convoluted plot that sacrifices comedy.

Frozen Empire starts off on the right foot by bringing the action back to the familiar streets of New York City. Director Gil Kenan’s reintroduction of the Spengler family dynamics adds a touch of nostalgia as Callie, Gary, Phoebe, and Trevor navigate their way back into the family business amidst chaotic ghost-chasing adventures.

An Uninspired Plot

Despite its promising start, Frozen Empire struggles to maintain its momentum. The once charming Phoebe is sidelined, forced into a messy character arc that feels out of place. The introduction of Melody further complicates the already overcrowded storyline, leaving little room for character development.

Lost in Mythology

As the ghostly tale unfolds, the audience is bombarded with a plethora of mythical elements that fail to resonate. The excessive world-building and complex plot points detract from the characters, who struggle to keep up with the escalating stakes. The climactic showdown is a chaotic mess of CGI effects and overblown action sequences, leaving the cast feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.

The Missing Laughter

One of the key flaws of Frozen Empire is the absence of a cohesive and humorous team of Ghostbusters. The Spenglers’ constant bickering and lack of camaraderie make for a disjointed viewing experience. Supporting characters are hastily introduced to fill exposition gaps, but their presence only adds to the cluttered narrative.

Returning Legends

While Frozen Empire promises more screen time for the original Ghostbusters, the execution falls short. Aykroyd’s Ray Stantz provides a heartwarming connection to the past, while Murray’s Venkman remains underutilized. The reunion of the classic characters lacks the comedic spark that made the franchise so beloved.