Review – Rise of the Ronin (PlayStation 5)

Team Ninja Make a Comeback with Rise of the Ronin

Sony has teamed up with Team Ninja for their latest release, Rise of the Ronin. This action-packed game dives into Japanese history, specifically set during the Boshin War at the end of the Edo period. As a fan of games like Ghost of Tsushima, I was eager to dive into this new adventure.

Right from the start, Rise of the Ronin introduces you to the Blade Twins and allows for extensive character customization. However, don’t get too attached, as the game throws you into intense situations and forces you to make impactful choices early on. The game offers a branching narrative, providing a sense of freedom in your decisions that can shape your experience.

Rise of the Ronin boasts a vast open world filled with activities at every turn. While some tasks may feel repetitive, the focus is on building your character’s stats and mastering the Veiled Edge combat system. Combat is challenging, reminiscent of Dark Souls with a risk-reward mechanic that demands quick thinking and strategy.

Visually, Rise of the Ronin falls short, resembling a PlayStation 4 title at times. However, the game offers options to prioritize ray-tracing, visuals, or performance based on player preference. Despite its visual shortcomings, the game excels in sound design, with impressive voice acting and immersive ambient sounds during epic battles.

Rise of the Ronin - Game Hype

Rise of the Ronin showcases elements of Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed, offering a blend of challenging combat and expansive world exploration. While some loot may feel underwhelming, the game’s focus on character progression and strategic gameplay keeps players engaged. Boss battles require patience and strategic loadout planning for success.

Team Ninja has delivered a compelling experience with Rise of the Ronin, featuring historical figures and immersive storytelling. Despite its flaws, the game’s strong combat mechanics and engaging narrative make it a worthwhile journey. I look forward to uncovering more secrets as I continue my adventure.

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