Should you side with Simon or Raghnall?

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tensions on the Highroad – Should you side with Simon or Raghnall?

When faced with the decision of choosing between Simon and Raghnall in the Tensions on the Highroad quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the choice may seem daunting. However, we are here to provide clarity on the matter.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

It is recommended to side with Raghnall over Simon in this particular Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest. Raghnall’s honesty about the treachery involved in the quest makes him a more trustworthy ally. Additionally, aligning with Raghnall will also help you build Affinity with him.

After choosing to support Raghnall, he will lead you to a cave where the truth behind the mission unfolds. Make sure to stay close to Raghnall as you navigate through the cave, as failing to engage with him after defeating enemies could result in him not following you further into the cave, hindering your progress in the quest.

Dragons Dogma 2 Should You Side With Simon Or Raghnall Cave
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you successfully ensure Raghnall accompanies you, you will face challenges like battling Saurians and reaching a campsite where Raghnall reveals the true nature of your mission. He discloses that the escort mission was devised as a trap to frame you for the death of the individual you were protecting. Raghnall’s actions to save you from this predicament validate your decision to trust him.

Conversely, had you sided with Simon, the outcome of the quest would have been similar. Ultimately, completing the quest will reward you with 12,000 gold, and Raghnall will bid you farewell. After this quest, you may want to consider embarking on The Phantom Oxcart quest for your next adventure.