How to stop Griffins from flying away in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tips for Dealing with Griffins

Dealing with Griffins in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be a challenging task, especially when they keep flying away during battles. However, there are some effective strategies you can employ to prevent them from fleeing and emerge victorious.

Equipping Yourself Properly

One key aspect to consider when facing Griffins is to ensure you have the right equipment. Make sure to equip yourself with a stronger weapon based on your class to deal more damage to the creature. Additionally, having a Mage Pawn in your party can be very beneficial as their magical attacks can help keep the Griffin grounded.

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Furthermore, it is essential to have a supply of potions to keep your health and stamina levels up during the battle. This will allow you to sustain prolonged engagements with the Griffin and increase your chances of success.

Tactics for Grounding the Griffin

When engaging a Griffin in combat, focus your attacks on its wings to prevent it from taking flight. Coordinate with your Mage Pawn to target the creature effectively and have your party members land heavy blows to weaken it. Once the Griffin crashes into a wall after sustaining significant damage, the Mage can disable its wings, rendering it unable to fly away.

On Griffin In Dragon's Dogma 2
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While the Griffin is grounded, continue your assault by throwing large boulders and unleashing heavy attacks to chip away at its health. Coordinate with your Pawns to maximize your damage output and bring the creature down efficiently.

If you follow these strategies and tactics effectively, you should be able to defeat Griffins with ease in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Remember to adapt your playstyle based on your class and party composition to maximize your chances of success in these challenging encounters.