7.35d Impressions – DOTABUFF – Dota 2 Stats

The Latest Patch Changes

The recent update brought some subtle yet important changes to the game. While it may not have completely altered the meta, the impact is definitely noticeable. Let’s dive into the major winners and losers of this patch and how it has affected the overall gaming environment.

Shift in Late Game DPS

One of the significant changes introduced by the patch is the adjustment to Revenant’s Brooch, a late-game DPS staple for many characters, including unconventional heroes like Templar Assassin. With the removal of its critical strike ability, there has been a significant decrease in potential burst damage, addressing issues with non-interactive playstyles like Phantom Assassin’s.

Changes in Playstyles

While this adjustment hasn’t drastically impacted hero pick and win rates, it has influenced playstyles. Items like Desolator, Pavise, Ghost Scepter, and Nullifier are now more prominent choices, reflecting a shift towards different strategies and builds in the current patch.

Dark Seer Emerges Victorious

Interestingly, Dark Seer has emerged as a major beneficiary of the patch without direct changes to the hero. The emphasis on stat items for agility cores and reduced reliance on ability damage has made Dark Seer’s illusions much more potent, particularly with his Wall of Replica ability.

Maelstrom Family Nerf

A notable adjustment in the patch is the 5% decrease in proc chance for the Maelstrom family of items. While seemingly minor, this tweak has affected farming speeds for heroes like Faceless Void and Juggernaut, prompting considerations for alternative item builds.

The Debate on Battle Fury

Despite the nerf to Maelstrom items, transitioning to a Battle Fury build may not be the ideal choice in most cases due to the incremental shift in the meta. However, situational factors like facing greedy opponents or having a strong start may warrant the consideration of Battle Fury for accelerated farm speed.

Cleanup in the Support Pool

Another notable change in the patch is the refinement of the support pool, particularly in addressing the growing greediness among position four supports. The meta now leans towards a balanced mix of initiation, utility, and damage with heroes such as Hoodwink, Tiny, Bounty Hunter, and Rubick taking the spotlight.

A Placeholder Patch

Overall, the patch was relatively minor, resulting in subtle shifts in the meta without any drastic overhauls. While the game was stable before, many anticipate the upcoming Crownfall update for more substantial changes. Additionally, the absence of any glaringly overpowered elements in the game has sparked discussions on the balance and design of items.