How to unlock Horde Mode in South Park Snow Day

Unlocking Horde Mode in South Park Snow Day

If you’re enjoying the cooperative fun of South Park Snow Day with your friends, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a Horde Mode waiting for you to tackle. Here’s how you can unlock and play Horde Mode in South Park Snow Day.

Accessing Horde Mode

“To Danse with Ravenous Shadows” is a free Day 1 DLC that introduces the Horde Mode for Snow Day. Make sure to download this DLC before you start playing. To access Horde Mode, you must first beat the second campaign stage on the War Table. Once you’ve completed this stage, head back to the backyard and look for Mr. Hankey’s Portaloo.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Next to the Portaloo, you’ll find Henrietta. Talk to her to choose a Horde Mode stage. Initially, only one stage will be available, but as you progress through the campaign, more stages will unlock. Once you’ve selected a stage, head to the Kupa Keep Travel Gate to begin the Horde Mode.

Strategies for Winning Horde Mode

How to win Horde Mode in South Park Snow Day
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Horde Mode consists of eight rounds, each increasing in difficulty. Starting from Round 4, your opponents will gain modifiers that can change the dynamics of the battle. To enhance your chances of success, you can choose upgrade cards from Jimmy and Henrietta between rounds. These cards are random, so choose wisely. Additionally, you can upgrade cards using TP collected during battles. Survive all eight rounds to return to Kupo Keep with a generous amount of Dark Matter.

For maximum Dark Matter gains, prioritize selecting the Prince of Ravens card whenever Henrietta offers it.

Playing Solo in Horde Mode

You can play Horde Mode solo, with AI bots filling in the empty slots in your squad. However, be prepared to manage your AI teammates as they may not be the smartest. To mitigate this, consider equipping the Healing Totem as one of your Powers. The Healing Totem provides general healing and can even revive allies with the Reviving Aura Upgrade Card.

How to unlock Horde Mode in South Park Snow Day
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Solo Horde Mode can be challenging, especially on higher difficulties. Start with Easy mode and work your way up as you unlock Dark Matter upgrades to strengthen your character.