BioShock creator Ken Levine finally explains Judas “narrative Lego” concept

Overview of Judas: Ken Levine’s Latest Project

It has been a decade since the release of BioShock Infinite, and fans have been eagerly anticipating creator Ken Levine’s next project, Judas. The game is finally taking shape, with recent trailers providing a glimpse into the gameplay and narrative. Notably, select individuals like Game Awards host Geoff Keighley have had the opportunity to play the game extensively, building excitement within the gaming community.

A Familiar Yet Unique Experience

Judas, essentially a spiritual successor to the BioShock series, offers players familiar mechanics such as gunplay and elemental powers set in an unconventional alternate universe. The trailers released so far have showcased these core elements of the game.

Crafting a Narrative Lego

Ken Levine has expressed his creative vision for Judas, aiming to create a game using “narrative Lego” – assembling hand-crafted pieces in a way that offers unique experiences with each playthrough. This innovative approach adds depth and replay value to the game.

Dynamic Characters and Non-linear Gameplay

Cover image for YouTube videoJUDAS – Geoff Plays Ken Levine’s New Game in Boston

Geoff Keighley discusses Judas, and shows off a few snippets of gameplay.

In Judas, players take on the role of the protagonist named Judas, navigating a city-sized spaceship called the Mayflower in a state of chaos. The game introduces a unique mechanic where Judas can “reprint” herself after death, resembling the Vita-Chambers from BioShock. Central to the gameplay are digital projections of three characters – Tom, Nefertiti, and Hope – each offering distinct storylines and interactions based on player choices.

Judas screenshot showing the game's trio of major characters: sheriff Tom, Nefertiti and Hope.
Judas’ major characters Tom, Nefertiti and Hope. | Image credit: Ghost Story Games / Geoff Keighley

As players progress through the game, their actions and choices influence the relationships with these characters, leading to branching narratives and consequences. Much like the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor, Judas dynamically adapts to player decisions, offering a unique experience for each playthrough.

The Path to Release

While an official release date for Judas has not been announced, fans can expect the game to launch sometime before April 2025. As anticipation continues to build, players eagerly await the chance to explore the intriguing world of Judas and experience its complex narrative firsthand.