Rise of the Ronin – PS5 Performance Review

Feudal Japan holds a significant place in Japanese history, inspiring numerous books, movies, and games. Team Ninja, known for its dedication to this era, dives into the open-world genre with the PS5 exclusive game Rise of the Ronin. In this review, we’ll examine how well the game performs.

Modes of Play and Performance

Players are presented with three main modes: Graphics, Ray Tracing, and Prioritize Frame Rate. Each mode offers a different visual experience, with options for resolution, ray tracing effects, and frame rate settings. Ray Tracing mode, in particular, delivers impressive performance with stable frame rates even during intense battles. On the other hand, Graphics mode struggles with consistent frame delivery, showcasing the limitations of locked frame rates. Overall, the game runs smoothly, especially for those with Variable Refresh Rate screens.

Switching to the graphical quality and technology, Rise of the Ronin features clean and detailed art design that captures the essence of feudal Japan. The game’s use of alpha, particle, and geometry effects is commendable, adding depth and immersion to the world. However, comparisons to other visually stunning games like Ghost of Tsushima reveal some shortcomings in terms of lighting quality, resolution, and pop-in issues.

Sound and Loading

While loading times are fast, the game could benefit from improvements in modern SSD technology to reduce delays during menu transitions. The music in Rise of the Ronin enhances the atmosphere with its traditional Japanese style compositions, complementing the gameplay experience. Voice acting and sound effects contribute to the overall immersive audio experience, although there is room for enhancement in audio quality and 3D sound.


Rise of the Ronin marks Team Ninja’s ambitious foray into the open-world genre, offering players a vast landscape to explore. However, the game’s focus on quantity over quality results in a mixed experience, with varying levels of visual and gameplay excellence. A more streamlined approach with a single performance-focused mode could have elevated the overall experience. Despite its flaws, Rise of the Ronin shines in moments of visual beauty and engaging gameplay.