Horror Game Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror Announced for PS5

Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror Trailer and Details

Developer Indigo Studios and Grindstone have announced Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror, a spine-chilling first-person horror game set to release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam in 2024.

Explore Two Nightmarish Realities

Delve into the fragmented mind of Eliza de Moor, a former music sensation who is now lost within the twisted corridors of her own subconscious. Can you unravel the enigma of her past, or will you succumb to the darkness that surrounds her?

Recover Memories, Conquer Foes

Navigate through the eerie landscapes of two parallel dimensions as you face off against haunting adversaries in the form of malevolent dolls, each representing a suppressed memory of Eliza. Will you confront them head-on with weapons, or will you opt for a stealthier approach to reclaim bits of Eliza’s shattered recollections?

Test Your Wits With Haunting Puzzles

Challenge your intellect with a variety of perplexing puzzles that guard the secrets of Eliza’s past. These brain-teasers seamlessly intertwine with the storyline, offering a blend of suspense and mystery. Piece together the fragmented truths by deciphering clues scattered throughout the eerie landscape.

Choose Your Path Wisely

Every choice you make in Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror will have a lasting impact on Eliza’s harrowing journey and ultimately decide her fate. With multiple possible endings, the consequences of your decisions will shape the outcome of the narrative. Will you emerge unscathed from the depths of this nightmare, or will you succumb to the terrors that lie in wait?