Marvel’s new What If story starts with The Watcher’s worst morning

The Marvel Multiverse Goes Literary

In an exciting development, a new series of What If…? books are set to shake up the Marvel multiverse. These books, which depart from the traditional comics format, will explore alternate scenarios involving beloved heroes and villains. The first book in this series, What If… Loki Was Worthy? by Madeleine Roux, takes readers on a thrilling journey where Thor is dead, New York is in flames, and Loki is banished to Earth, grappling with boxed wine and instant noodles. The novel delves into whether Loki, in his vulnerable state, can redeem himself and set things right, with Valkyrie joining him for the ride.

Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Prologue

Prior to the release of What If… Loki Was Worthy? on April 2, Polygon is offering readers an exclusive preview of the story’s prologue. Dive into a tense moment in the life of the Watcher, where a surprising revelation throws her usual state of detached observation into disarray.

A revelation stirs the Watcher from her eternal vigil, marking the first time in almost a millennium that she has felt a hint of surprise. As an observer of the multiverse, detached from emotions and events, this newfound feeling piques her curiosity and sets her on a journey to uncover its meaning. Despite her vast knowledge, the Watcher finds herself grappling with the unsettling sensation that something significant is about to unfold.

What If... Loki Was Worthy book cover featuring silhouettes of Loki and Valkyrie fighting a Destroyer inside an outline of Loki

Image: Random House Worlds

The Watcher, consumed by thoughts of loss and the irony of losing the ability to experience loss, is drawn to the source of this newfound surprise. As she navigates the vast tapestry of universes before her, each containing its own unique wonders and tragedies, she grapples with a sense of impending upheaval. Despite her all-knowing nature, the Watcher is unable to shake the feeling that change is on the horizon, signaling a potential shift in the fabric of reality.

As she delves deeper into the mysteries that surround her, the Watcher is faced with visions and sensations that defy her understanding. A series of cryptic symbols and memories begin to unravel before her, hinting at a sinister force that threatens to disrupt the delicate balance of existence. With each revelation, the Watcher is propelled closer to a revelation that may alter the course of the multiverse forever.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one thing remains clear to the Watcher: Something is about to change. Something is about to break.

A leaf trembles on the World Tree, signaling a shift that could reverberate across the multiverse, bringing with it unexpected consequences and unforeseen challenges. As the Watcher prepares to confront this looming threat, she braces herself for a revelation that may reshape the very foundations of reality.

With infinite possibilities at her fingertips and the fate of countless worlds hanging in the balance, the Watcher embarks on a journey that will test her resolve and reshape the destiny of the multiverse.