Get lost in the worlds of Avatar Legends and Root TTRPG for just $25

Humble Bundle Deal for Tabletop RPGs

Humble is offering an incredible deal for tabletop RPG enthusiasts looking to expand their collection. Right now, you can snag a $25 bundle that includes the core rulebooks and supplementary materials for both Root and Avatar Legends, the TTRPG based on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

What’s Included in Avatar Legends

The $25 tier in the Best of Magpie Games Bundle includes the Core Rulebook, starter set, Wan Shi Tong’s Adventure Guide, and the one-shot adventure An Urgent Request for Avatar Legends. Please note that it does not contain Uncle Iroh’s Adventure Guide.

Exploring the Root TTRPG System

For the Root TTRPG system, you’ll receive the core rulebook, as well as the Travelers & Outsiders and Clearing supplements, along with a printable map pack. Described by my colleague Charlie Hall as a wargame with a “cute animal facade,” this system offers a unique gaming experience.

Physical Goods Option

If you prefer physical items over digital PDFs, there is a $35 tier that includes a physical copy of the Starter Set for Avatar Legends. This set comes with ten dice, a full-color map of the Four Nations, 21 combat action cards, and ten illustrated pre-generated character sheets. Additionally, it includes everything listed in the $25 tier.

Note: This physical item can only be shipped to select countries, so make sure to check the list of eligible locations before making a purchase.

Image: Magpie Games

Expanded Offerings

In addition to the core rulebooks for Root and Avatar Legends, this bundle also includes PDFs for other Magpie Games titles. For just $25, you’ll get access to the dark fantasy TTRPG Bluebeard’s Bride, the superhero simulator Masks, and over a dozen other systems inspired by various genres like medical dramas and Shakespearean theatre.