Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – Germany Strategy Guide

Playing as Germany in Hearts of Iron 4

In a World War 2 simulator, players may be intrigued to take on the role of Germany, the main antagonist, in an attempt to alter history by defeating the Soviet Union and the Allies.

However, this task is more challenging than it may seem, as both opposing factions receive significant buffs over time while Germany faces a decline in manpower and equipment.

General Strategy for Germany in HOI4

The key strategy is to emulate the actions of historical figures and begin by defeating the Allies before turning attention to the eastern threat.

Building a robust economy and leveraging focus trees and volunteer mechanics will pave the way to overpowering the UK and the Soviets.

With the right approach, the Allies, particularly the UK, are easily conquerable by 1940, while dealing with the USSR requires meticulous preparation.

Utilizing Fighters, Bombers, and CAS, along with elite armor divisions, is crucial in executing successful maneuvers to secure Victory Points and force the capitulation of enemies.

How to Begin as Germany in HOI4

Germany starts with a strong economy but lacks a formidable army in 1936. By strategically deploying troops, it is possible to face the Allies by 1939.

National Focuses

Following a relatively historical path of focuses, investing in industry early on rather than military or naval efforts is advised. Essential focuses for Germany’s success include:

  • Rhineland
  • Army Innovations
  • Four Year Plan
  • Autarky
  • Hermann Goring-Werke
  • KdF-Wagen
  • Extra Research Slot
  • Anschluss
  • Reassert Eastern Claims
  • Demand Sudetenland
  • First Vienna Award
  • Fate of Czechoslovakia
  • Reichsautobahn
  • Treaty with the USSR
  • Army Innovations II
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
  • Danzig or War
  • Align Hungary
  • Around Maginot
  • Align Romania
  • Operation Weserubung
  • Integrate War Economies


Maximizing resources through infrastructure and civilian factories lays a solid foundation for Germany’s success. Key construction steps include:

  • Rhineland +1 Infrastructure
  • Moselland +1 Infrastructure
  • Rhineland +5 Civilian Factories
  • … (continued)


Germany’s significant number of military factories allows for quick fielding of a sizable army. Optimizing production lines in various equipment categories is vital for military strength.

  • Infantry Equipment: 14 out of 15 Military Factories
  • Support Equipment: 3 Military Factories
  • Towed Artillery: 3 Military Factories
  • … (continued)

… (continued sections)